More Gag Reel Giggles from the ‘Outlander’ Cast

Gag Reel Caitriona Graham

We first saw a gag reel at San Diego Comic Con, and now a full, hysterical one is coming our way on the Outlander Season One Volume Two DVD/Blu-Ray.  Some of the clips in the videos below were shown in the SDCC gag reel.  I think Graham McTavish is the real winner of the gag reel compilation.

Source: E! Online, Entertainment Tonight

  • Lori

    Gag reels are so much fun. If it had been an hour long, I would have enjoyed every minute of it. As it is, It moves so quickly. I still crack up at Bill Paterson’s ad lib. Work is work, but I am glad they do have a bit of fun, too.

    • DrBlueFrogPhD

      Oddly enough, I notice that Tobias has yet to make it into one of these gag reels….the man never goofs up apparently. Damn fine actor that one.

      • Lori

        I only noticed Tobias twice in the gag reel. Once, was a Frank and Claire in the car scene…looked like they both got the giggles and the second time was from “The Garrison Commander.” He started a line, maybe was about to flub it and walked away. He’s good, though…I bet he rarely falls out of character.