‘Outlander’ Has Found Its Young Fergus

Romann Berrux 2

Author Diana Gabaldon confirmed this morning that Outlander has found its young Fergus in Romann Berrux.

Romann is 13 years old and has been in French TV and a film since 2006.


Meet Romann Berrux, who in addition to having a fascinating collection of consonants in his name, is also playing Wee Fergus! (And doing a fine job of it, too, may I say…)

Fergus is found by Jamie in a house of ill repute in Paris.  He is the son of a prostitute and he is taken into service by Jamie, and, of course, he speaks French.

According to Outlander Wiki, “As a boy of ten, Fergus is small for his age with black hair, pale, sallow skin, big, long-lashed dark eyes, and large, perfect front teeth that are “square as a squirrel’s”.[  His slightly beaked nose and long mouth lend him an aristocratic look, and Jamie notes that the bones of the boy’s face suggest he will be a handsome man when he is grown.”

Romann Berrux 3 Romann Berrux

Source: Diana Gabaldon, Agents Associes

  • D R Allen

    He may not look much like “book” Fergus, but my heavens, what a BEAUTIFUL child! :-O

    It would be easy to image him as the by-blow of a French noble, and looking at his CV, he’ll play his role well.

    I can really see the possibilities for his character, and w/Mssr. Berrux (the actor) being of an age (just at the cusp of manhood), a couple of seasons down the road, he will be PERFECT as the handsome post-adolescent Fergus.

    • I agree that young Fergus is a great choice; however, Voyager/Season 3 jumps 20 years ahead, and there’s no way that a 14 year old can play a 30 year old man. I’m almost positive they’ll cast an adult version of Fergus for Voyager.

  • sigrid28

    Glad the production team did not decide to drop the character of Fergus along with the many other changes they plan to add to the adaptation of “Dragonfly in Amber.” In “Outlander” novel seven, “An Echo in the Bone,” and in “Outlander” novel eight, “Written in My Own Heart’s Blood,” Diana Gabaldon introduces a storyline proposing that the Comte St. Germain MAY be the biological father of Jamie’s foster son, Fergus, whom Jamie adopts in “Dragonfly in Amber.” I wonder whether Moore’s team will deal with this plotline—or not, if only in terms of casting. Perhaps Stanley Weber could return as the adult Fergus if the “Outlander” series continues for a third season based on “Voyager.”

  • elviratootoo

    Don’t care for the kid…lackluster.

    • khepra Bey

      Hater.what your kid was up for the role huh loser