‘Outlander’ Has Found Its Louise de Rohan

Claire Sermonne

Actress Claire Sermonne has joined the second season of Outlander playing Louise de Rohan.

Louise de Rohan is a historical figure that Diana Gabaldon writes into Dragonfly in Amber.  In terms of the book, she becomes a best friend and confidant of sorts of Claire Fraser.  They first meet at the French Court.

Claire Sermonne trained in the theatre in both Moscow and Paris.  She many theatre credits to her name, but only one TV credit for a French show called The Rights and the Laws.  She can speak English, French, and Russian.

You can follow Claire on Twitter.

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Source: Yahoo!, Art 7 Agency, IMDb

  • D R Allen

    Wow! It looks like Cait is going to have some REAL competition this season for the “Most Beautiful Woman on the Set” competition! Before there were nothing but frumpy Scottish housewives – now there is a entire collection of Parisian beauties!

    I wonder if they will shift Ms. Balfe from her “bog Irish” (less make-up) look to something more sophisticated. Her recent photos in “Emmy Magazine” demonstrate that using “war paint”, she can be a STUNNINGLY attractive classic beauty 😀

    • scmaize

      With curls, this actress would look a lot more like the Claire described in the books than Cait Balfe does. Sermonne is also much prettier than the descriptions of Louise de Rohan.

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