Emmy Magazine Articles Plus New Photos

We have seen the first photos and the video of their photoshoot.  Now that the Emmy Magazine is on newstands, we are able to share the whole article and the additional photos. Those interviewed include Chris Albrecht (Starz CEO), Ronald D. Moore, Tobias Menzies, Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, and Diana Gabaldon.  There is also a “For Your Consideration” packet for the Emmys included in the magazine.  There are scans of those at the bottom of the post. No, we do not have a password for you to see all the episodes. Thanks so much to Sherry Troop for sharing!

Update (6/3/2015): Added some outtakes (photos that did not make it in the magazine) at the bottom of the post.

Emmy Magazine Sam Caitriona Emmy Magazine Sam Caitriona

IMG_3401 IMG_3402 IMG_3403 IMG_3404 IMG_3412

IMG_3397 IMG_3398 IMG_3399 IMG_3400



New photos added in June:

Emmy Magazine Caitriona Emmy Magazine Caitriona and Sam Emmy Magazine Caitriona and Sam Emmy Magazine Caitriona and Sam Emmy Magazine Caitriona and Sam Emmy Magazine Caitriona and Sam Emmy Magazine Sam

Source: Emmy Magazine, Getty Images

  • von

    #outlander emmys If this show and the cast do not get emmys there is no justice.

  • aussiesuzie

    Superb acting by Sam&Tobias in ep.15.they deserve an award,the whole show is great!

  • DrBlueFrogPhD

    First of all, LOVE Sam & Cait! LOVE the show! However whenever I see the picture from this shoot of her laying across his lap, I can’t help but kind of laugh because Cait looks so natural (hello modeling roots) and Sam kinda looks a little stiff…..but I know he can take great photos, so I’m not sure if he just had a cramp or what but he looks ready to roll her off LOL

  • wendymusgrave

    Outlander is beyond excellence. Everything is perfection! I watch a lot of TV and nothing compares to this program . Even Homeland my other favorite show not quite as good when compared to Outlander. Love James Spader inThe Blacklist because Sam out ranks this.

  • BlueWhiteVases.com

    I hope #outlander wins in all categories; beautifully done by actors, producers, costume designers etc.

  • D R Allen

    Seeing Cait in “warpaint” is one of the (many) reasons I’m looking forward to the second series. She may be a naturally attractive woman sans make-up (due to Claire’s trip to 18th C Scotland being unplanned), but WITH make-up (as Lady Broch Turach would have in 18th C Paris) she will be STUNNINGLY beautiful.

    I’m very much looking forward to what Terry D. does w/the infamous “Red Dress” and seeing Cait wearing it:-D

  • Deanna Buchholz

    I love the show,the actors and the.costumes.
    I hope they win in all catagories.
    Especially Sam Heugan and Caitrona Balfe.

  • lahela

    They are exquisite, or to use a Dougal expression, they are “singular”.