Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan Grace the Cover of Emmy Magazine

Emmy Mag Sam Caitriona

Both Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan are on the cover of May’s Emmy Magazine.  They did a stunning fashion photoshoot for the magazine as well as an interview.  The interview portion of the magazine is not yet available, but the photographs are, as well as a video of the photoshoot with bonus interviews.

“I think we’ve accomplished something here that’s a bit unusual,” Starz CEO Chris Albrecht tells Emmy Magazine for their latest cover story. “We’ve managed to capture what made the books so successful. That’s quite a feat.“

“We saw so many people for Claire — we were really getting late into the process,” Albrecht says.

Finally, they saw Caitriona Balfe’s audition tape. But before making a deal, she had to film a chemistry test with Heughan.

“It was a passionate scene between Jamie and Claire, where he is chastising her for running away and then getting caught [by British soldiers],” Heughan explains. “I had her in this huge bear hug, and she was really pissed off at me. As soon as Caitriona left, I think we all knew she was the one.”

Emmy Mag Sam Caitriona

Emmy Mag Sam Emmy Mag Sam Emmy Mag Sam Caitriona Emmy Mag Caitriona Emmy Mag Caitriona


Source: Emmy Magazine, E! Online, Yahoo! Photos by Miranda Penn Turin

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    they look better as their characters on the show.

    • Shelly Leit

      I completely agree. Caitriona wears waaaaaaay too much eye makeup for photos.

  • aussiesuzie

    Two very talented,beautiful people love how humble they are on interviews & love this show,thanks Starz!

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  • Monica Solis

    To put any Artist, Actor or Musician in front of a Camera, especially These two, You need to see Them, How They are in REAL LIFE, not just as the Fictional part. Both have been Successful Models, and Brilliant Actors! Everyone wants to ” Shine Up, Like a New Penny. ” If ” too much make up “, is Your only comment, You obviously have not been in a Photo shoot. Mr. Heughan and Ms. Balfe, Look as Amazing as They are Talented. Great Success to These Beloved, Original and Otherworldly Beautiful Talented Souls!

  • Sherry Sanders

    Tremendous talents, both of them! Looking at their work and their persons, you can’t help but believing in reincarnation and that theirs are the fruition of many life lessons learned successfully! I think they, Ronald Moore, his wife Terri and Diana all met on some other plane and conspired to make brilliant art before they came! Very happy they did, best synergy I have ever seen!