‘Outlander’ Season Two Casting Progresses

**Do NOT read this post if you have not read Dragonfly in Amber or if you want to be surprised about characters in the second season.  Seriously, do NOT read any further if you don’t want to be spoiled.**


Before I get your hopes up, no, this is not about Roger or Brianna.

Maril Davis announced via Twitter that they have found Bouton, the dog of Mother Hildegarde who runs the hospital Claire volunteers at in Paris.  Bouton is no ordinary dog, but one with special talents.  One of my favorite parts of Dragonfly in Amber is when Jamie meets Bouton at the hospital with Claire listening/watching the exchange.

Update (5/8/2015):  Here is Bouton!


Michael Aussielo at TV Line gives us some insight into the casting process so far.  Here is his “spoiler” for Outlander this week.

“We’re not close,” series creator Ronald D. Moore says about the process of picking actors to play [Spoiler alert!] Claire’s adult daughter and the Rev. Wakefield’s grown-up son (briefly glimpsed as a child asking for biscuits earlier this season). We can tell you that the Starz series also is actively casting the part of [No, seriously: Spoiler alert!] Alexander Randall, Black Jack Randall’s beloved brother — though star Tobias Menzies tells TVLine he hasn’t yet screen-tested with anyone in the role. “It’s the one human relationship he has in his life,” the actor adds, “so yeah, that could be very fruitful.”

So at this point, or at least when Ausiello spoke to Ronald D. Moore, they are not close to casting Roger and Brianna.  We also know that Tobias Menzies will not be playing Alexander Randall, but I assume they will find someone who has the acting chops and looks somewhat similar to Menzies.  I wonder if they will be using any CGI on this actor’s face or possibly some prosthetics.

Source: TV Line, Maril Davis

  • Julie Richman

    Wondering why they are not going with Tobias to play Alexander since both Jamie and Claire mistake him for BJ and Jamie almost kills him on the spot when he first lays eyes on him.

  • Diane Huber

    Wouldn’t it be easier to just change up Tobias’ appearance slightly and let him play Alexander also?

    • D R Allen

      True – It’s not like Ron & Maril hadn’t done this already w/Tricia Helfer as [the model] #6 [Cylon] in Battlestar Galactica.

      More recently, the award-winning Tatiana Maslany portrays a whole series of clones (10 or 12, so far) in BBC America’s “Orphan Black”.


      • Maria

        They can’t because Black Jack and Alexander will have to act together. It would be very hard to do those scenes with only one actor..

        • D R Allen

          Not really – in SEVERAL episodes of BSG w multiple #6s (Helfer) or #8s (Park) interacted. More recently in “Orphan Black” I recall watching a “slumber party” where the 3 or 4 [cloned] girls attending were ALL portrayed by Tatiana Maslany.

  • Bostoncharm

    Any news on casting our young Lord John?????

  • Tracey Cimellaro

    Any consideration for actor HUGH DANCY to play the role of Roger Wakefield. Very charming, great smile & natural good looks, very charismatic. He reminds me of a grown-up version of the young boy Roger from earlier episodes. Very wonderful british accent

  • Tracey Cimellaro

    Cheers all…..looking forward to engaging discussions. Read the series 20 yrs ago…so so great to see the exceptional adaptation to TV. I always knew it would be only a matter of time. Hats off to RM, DG, & the exceptional cast & crew!

  • Sharon Lawson Skeens

    Has anyone considered Jason Isaacs for the part of Alex? He would be so perfect! He played Malfoy’s father in the Harry Potter movies and several other roles. I’ve always felt them an was a candidate for the Bond Movies. Look at this link. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005042/