‘Outlander’ Contest Pretty Much Confirms Season Two Will Air in 2016

Scottish Celebration Contest

Hopefully everyone enjoyed our April Fools’ Day joke.  Unfortunately, this post is not a joke.

People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly have a new contest to win a trip to the premiere of Season Two of Outlander.  It is called the “Outlander Scottish Celebration Sweepstakes.”

The grand prize winners will win airfare, accomodations, and tickets for two to the Season Two premiere in 2016.  Yes, 2016.  While this is not wholly unexpected, it will be a long wait again for new episodes.  Just cross your fingers and hope they don’t split the thirteen episodes with a huge break.

Droughtlander will reappear again after Episode 116.

Click here to enter the sweepstakes.


  • Norma Irizarry

    I entered the contest and really hope to win! BUT…am NOT happy that we now have to wait till 2016 for Season 2!!!!! PLEASE do NOT split the 13 episodes with ANOTHER long break!!!

    • DrBlueFrogPhD

      I’ll be honest, I’m not surprised by this announcement. I mean they haven’t even started shooting yet. That being said, I agree with you that I hope the wait between seasons means we won’t have a long hiatus in the middle again. I don’t think Starz wants a full blown Outlander fan riot on their hands.

      • stopbeingdelulu

        but what takes them so long ????

        I get my ‘Game of Thrones’ season EVERY year. i know they have less episodes, but they have so many different locations and just so many more things to do to complete a season.
        I just get this feeling with ‘Outlander’ that they have a really bad time management.
        Also ‘The Walking Dead’ airs every year as well. they even have more episodes than ‘Outlander’ AND they also have a mid-season break but they get their stuff done every single year.
        ‘TWD’ basically airs twice a year dear Starz people, TWICE !!!

  • von

    With 9 books giving such long gaps between series is going to be agony. I only hope I,m around long enough to see completion 111

    • Pat Cocivera

      I am in the same boat. Have read the series over at least 5 times and Claires hair in MOBY is not white yet so there could be a couple of more books and I really want an ending. But as far as the TV series I’m be dead and gone if they don’t get on the stick……Oh my

  • Megan Price

    I agree that the time between seasons is way too long – I’m worn out checking websites for new details and am seriously considering re-reading the books (again) and just waiting until all seasons have been released on DVD to watch them all at once. The months upon months of anticipation is draining.