Caitriona Balfe Addresses the Claire’s Ultimate Choice (Video)

Outlander 2014

With all the press of Season One of Outlander resuming, some great interviews get lost in the multitude of Google alerts, Facebook posts, and tweets about the show.  In this interview with Caitriona Balfe, she addresses the question of whether Frank or Jamie is the one for Claire.  While we know the decision that has been made thus far in the show, there is still the lingering ghost of Frank that travels with Claire as she continues on in life with Jamie.  Caitriona answers the question very eloquently.

Source: Decider

  • sixela872

    Perfect response. She really gets Claire and the dynamics of the two relationships. Great to see

  • Marilyn Wade

    She sure does get Claire.. Cait is an amazing actress..she has been Claire from the beginning …Stunningly beautiful and so intelligent …Awesome lady.

  • von

    I’ve always felt Frank was a substitute Father figure for Claire. She had her Uncle’s love and guidance whilst growing up but it was an unconventional upbringing. I think subconsciously she was looking for the security and guidance that her Father would have given and sensed that in Frank. She was very young when she married and having gone through a nomadic lifestyle perhaps security and the normal seemed appealing at first. I believed she loved Frank for those reasons but not passionately or in equal measure to Frank.
    Meeting Jamie she soon realises he is a soul mate, much more than Frank would have ever been.
    Jamie encourages Claire to grow and blossom in her own right not questioning her need to help others with her healing. Frank always seemed to want to control or kerb her more from following her vocation. I think he felt a wife should be the home maker and someone to look good on his arm when he was out and about. He did love her but not in the unselfish way that Jamie did.
    Cait does have Claire sussed. Her love was much more truthful and base with Jamie. They loved and fought on a more even status and out of that came passion and trust and a deeper love than she would have ever experienced with Frank.
    At first sight of Sam as Jamie in the cottage by the fire; I knew he was right for Jamie. He has become perfection as each episode has aired.
    Cait was a slower grow on me but since her more emotional scenes and watching the terrific chemistry she has with Sam on and off screen, I have been won over completely.
    I do not think Ron Moore could have chosen any better than these very fine actors to portray Jamie and Claire.

    • Kristine

      I think you are bang on. I have felt that way since I first read the books. Caitriona really seems to understand Claire.