Watch the Entire ‘Outlander’ PaleyFest Panel with Sam, Caitriona, Tobias, Ron, and Diana


Below is the video for the entire Paleyfest panel focused on Outlander that happened last night in LA.  Attending the panel were Diana Gabaldon, Ronald D. Moore, Caitriona Balfe, Tobias Menzies, and Sam Heughan.  Rather than give you a blow by blow of what was said and did (whisky drinking), just watch the panel for yourself.  If international fans cannot see the panel video, please let us know.  Those attending the panel were able to see Episode 109, “The Reckoning,” before the cast and crew took the stage.  Lucky Outlanders!

If you cannot see the video below, please click here.

Source: The Paley Center, Yahoo!

  • aussiesuzie

    Was great to see them all,it was fun the moderator made it ,,I do believe Sam just rolls with some of the things DG says as what else is he going to do DG is a wonderful writer,but for me as a speaker has a bit of foot in mouth.Cait is so gorgeous & happy,Tobias just so cute,well Sam is just so charming&lovely,I loved their outfits as well,I suppose Sam had to shave&let his hair grow blonder for “WTSE”shooting,well he is still mighty handsome to me without the Jamie hair,loved Romald D.M’s comments!

    • Gingergirl

      I loved this panel and laughed out loud throughout, but I do agree with you Susie, and will add to your comment about DG. I think she took an unnecessary swipe at some of her readers who have supported her when she was asked about the Randall family tree. If it was an attempt at humor it missed the mark a bit. She’s an incredible writer, seems to be very generous with her time interacting with her fans and a funny lady, but to me she looks a little uncomfortable doing these interviews. However I loved her answer regarding Rupert and Angus…….. Also wish they would have Terry and the writers on some of these panels. With some new questions! That would be fabulous……. It is so apparent this year just how much closer they have all become. Their comfort level with each other and with their sudden stardom is apparent. Looking back at last year, they looked a little shell shocked…..and if you are Downunder, you get the new show a day before us…Lucky you!

      • aussiesuzie

        Yes I can’t wait I agree with your comments DG is a brilliant mind.but at times I think the mouth misses the point, & again DG most times comes across as a very warm&generous human being,would love to meet her one day,have seen Terry’s comments at times would love to see her at a panel what a designer!:-)))

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