New ‘Outlander’ Episode 109 “The Reckoning” Clip with Jamie and Claire


Third Trailer Second Half Screen Cap 6

It looks like Starz is ramping up promotion of the second half of Season One of Outlander.  The second clip from Episode 109 “The Reckoning” debuted tonight.  It is an intimate encounter between Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) after they are back at Castle Leoch.  If you read the book, you know what scene this is from.

Source: E! Online

  • Ealasaid

    What a great clip of things to come. Seeing it, just reminds how perfect Sam & Cait are, as Jamie and Claire.

  • Gingergirl

    Went back to read this scene in the book again. After seeing that small bit, anxiousl waiting to see the whole scene in April. I think the wedding scenes will pale next to this one…..if that’s even possible. They are truly amazing actors and I agree, they have captured every nuance of their characters’ personalities perfectly.

  • von

    These two are so right for their parts and have totally won me over. Also need to say how Ron Moore has done such a brilliant job in keeping so close to the source of these characters and plot lines. Every time I see a clip I crave more!!!

    • Ealasaid

      Same here, can’t wait for April 4th.

  • Diane Smiley-Addams

    The video is MIA…what happened?

    • Ealasaid

      That’s what I want to know. It’s not on Starz either.