February’s Droughtlander Tease

We are expecting some type of video for February 4’s Droughtlander.  Today, Starz released a puzzle piece photo for our first peek at what is to come on Wednesday.  Other than Caitriona Balfe (Claire) being in it, do you have any guesses on the content?  Will it be from an old or new episode?

Oh, and can you believe that there is only one more edition of Droughtlander?!

In other news, you can listen to a track off the upcoming Outlander soundtrack by Bear McCreary.  The track is “Castle Leoch” and you can listen to it here. You can pre-order the soundtrack on Amazon.  It comes out February 10.

Feb 4 Droughtlander Tease



Source: Outlander on Facebook, Yahoo! Music

  • Jess Loving

    Maybe Claire getting her whooping from Jaime

    • Gwen Dovecote

      Pretty sure there’d be less clothing 😉

  • DrBlueFrogPhD

    My guess is possibly when Jamie is rescuing Claire, cutting the rope that’s binding her wrist. In the book it’s when she gapes at him and says “You bluffed your way in here with an empty gun?!”