Titles Revealed for ‘Outlander’ Episodes 109-116

Outlander 2014

*Spoiler Alert: Some of the titles will spoil what an episode is about.*

IMDb posted the titles, directors, and script writers for episodes 109 through 111 of Outlander.

Ep 109: The Reckoning, Director Richard Clark, Writer Matt Roberts

Ep 110: By the Pricking of My Thumbs, Director Richard Clark, Writer Ira Stephen Behr (IMDb has it listed as Thumb singular, but Karen Henry of Outlandish Observations pointed out that Chapter 24 of Outlander uses the plural form.)

Ep 111: The Devil’s Mark, Writer Toni Graphia, no director listed

While I tend to question the validity of a lot of things on IMDb, these titles seem to fit the series.  I will update if more titles get added, or these are incorrect.

In addition, Outlander Addiction spotted the titles of the remaining episodes by going to Starz’s website, going to Outlander, and clicking on Ways to Watch.

Ep 112: Lallybroch, no director listed, Writer Anne Kenney

Ep 113: The Watch, Director Metin Hüseyin, Writer Toni Graphia

Ep 114: The Search, Director Metin Hüseyin, Writer Matt Roberts

Ep 115: Wentworth Prison, Director Anna Foerster, Writer Ira Stephen Behr

Ep 116: To Ransom a Man’s Soul, Director Anna Foerster, Writer Ira Stephen Behr and Ronald D. Moore

Source: IMDb, Starz

  • Jess Loving

    I was hoping episode 16 would have been named in the womb of the earth

  • Gingergirl

    I too saw the new episode titles on starz’s website. I think the last two will be gut-wrenching to watch. I also noticed that “the Wedding” is airing again on Valentine’s day. Very clever of starz. although like many fans,I have watched it 100 times already, I’m sure I will tune in once again.

  • Jonesey78RD

    Seeing the immense writing and directing talent assigned to the last two eps is heartening/awe-inspring! 😀

    I am intrigued that the final VERY brutal final block is being directed by a female (so much for distaff gender being kinder and gentler 😛 ).

    Then again, all of this WAS originally written by the female who stunned Sam H. when she said the scene she most looked forward to seeing was that in which his character was being horribly abused! :-O


  • DrBlueFrogPhD

    No real surprises with regard to how they are going to break up the second half of the book/season. There is going to be a lot of events from the book condensed/changed/omitted in the first few episodes back, which I’m actually looking forward to. Anna Foerster directed both the Wedding and Both Sides Now episodes so I’m looking forward to what she’s going to do with the last 2 episodes of the season since they are equally important to the book readers. She did very well on episodes 107 & 108, so I have complete faith in her. As someone has said on one of the other boards, just adopt the mantra “In Ron We Trust” 🙂

    • Gingergirl

      I agree with you totally and am glad she’s doing the last two episodes. The hardest chapter in all the books for me to read was “to ransom a man’s soul” which appears to be the entire last episode. so much emotional material for one show but I’m sure Anna will do the scenes justice. It will still be extremely difficult to watch.

  • Farmer_Girl

    I’m glad to see that Ronald Moore isn’t writing another episode by himself. I’m still angry with Moore’s direction when he wrote episode 8. I was so angry in fact that I cancelled my Starz subscription. I know of no other better way of showing my displeasure with his interpretation. I hope Behr keeps Moore in line when writing episode 16.

  • Susan Watson

    Episode 116 is beautifully executed; there should be NO criticism of how it is delivered to the audience. Even though it departs somewhat from the description of Diana’s book, it has all of the essential elements. Time constraints and extent of abuse make it impossible to film exactly as Diana has written the scenes in the book. It is powerful and moving, and the acting by all is superb. . .Sam is absolutely amazing, Caitriona is perfect, Tobias is exceptional, Duncan is strong, Finn shines in his moments, and Stephen and Grant are wonderful. Outlander fans should be content that Ron, Ira, Anna and Bear have achieved a most exceptional conclusion to their/our first season. I love them all for their enthusiasm, endurance and expertise in making Outlander such enthralling entertainment. . .oops!. . .alliteration.