Ronald D. Moore Discusses Casting and Twists in ‘Outlander’ Season 2


*Spoiler Alert: If you have not read Dragonfly in Amber, do not read this post.*

In the first article to come out of the winter TCA tour, Ronald D. Moore spoke to Zap2It about the second season of Outlander, which is based of Diana Gabaldon’s Dragonfly in Amber.  Below are some quotes from the article, but please read the whole article over at Zap2It.

Asked if he plans are to follow the structure of “Dragonfly in Amber” as he has with “Outlander,” Moore replies, “To an extent. We are playing around with the structure of it, the surprise of it. And we have some ideas for some twists that we think would surprise even the readers of the books.”

“It is interesting, when you open the second book, and you’re like, ‘Wait a minute, did I miss something?'” Moore says. “Which is great on one level, because any time you can surprise an audience, that’s gold. They get used to knowing what’s going to happen next. So, I want to preserve that, but I think there’s way to tinker with it, and play around with it so it’s not quite as jarring, so you don’t feel like you’ve clicked into the wrong show.”

They have begun casting Roger and Brianna, as we have already heard before.

As for the look of Brianna, and trying to match an actress to Balfe, Moore says they want someone who looks close to Sam Heughan and Balfe, “as much as they can,” but that embodying the character is more important. “You can’t get too tied into [appearance] as an idea. You don’t want her to look so radically different that there’s no way, but it has to be within the bounds,” he says. “You’re looking for a good actress because she’s so important going forward.
“But yes, ideally, you want her to be tall, you want to see Jamie and Claire in her, but that’s a lower priority for me than that she feels like Brianna.”
I have a feeling that some fans are not going to be happy with possible changes in the book to screen adaptation, and also possibly that the height issue with Brianna may not be met.  From what I have seen, the production has done wonderfully with casting and with any changes to the book for season one. I think our motto should be “Trust in Ron.”
Source: Zap2It
  • donnahays

    In Ron I Trust…

  • Anna Maynard-Doyon

    me too

  • Carolee Luper

    Me too! I have a niece who is perfect for Briana, complete to slanted eyes, cleft chin and real red hair and beautiful! Tall tooo and lots of acting experience at only 18! But would her parents let her go away that far???? Hope they find the right Brianna, think we love her as much as Clair and Jamie!

  • Jonesey78RD

    IIRC, at Roger’s first encounter w/Jamie, he thought that he was viewing a male version of Brianna (except taller, stronger, and ANGRIER) 😀

    So I get the impression that the actress portraying Brie needs to look more like Jamie than she does Claire. 🙂


  • Cat Mckenzie

    That’s funny because my redheaded Granddaughter would be a perfect look-alike and already has the ‘temper’, no acting ! LOL ! Bar that , but the Young lady who is the Daughter of “Castle” would fill the bill too ! Oh and she is a darn good Actress, have seen her in other productions.

  • tammy maurano

    She’s a few years older but I like Cassidy Freeman too for the part of Brianna. If she’s available give her a try you’ll be surely pleased with her fiery eyes and whitty energy.

  • tammy maurano

    Greetings Ron, don’t know if you’ve cast Brianna yet but you might consider Cassidy Freeman for the roll. I like her energy.

  • good2know

    I think Deborah Ann Woll would make an amazing Bree

  • mp

    Game of Thrones actress…Rose Leslie. She has a Brianna look to her.

  • von

    I agree completely about the casting having been wonderful and astute so far. Though the emphasis on how much both Brianna and William look so much like Jamie is very pronounced throughout the books.
    This is also a main factor in causing some very awkward and entertaining moments for Jamie over the years. It’s also a factor in Brianna convincing Jenny and her family that she is Jamie’s daughter when they meet at Lallybroch ,when she goes to find her parents to warn them about the fire incident.
    However, I have great faith in the casting department and in Ron Moore to get this right. They have done a fantastic job so far. I just hope they keep with less well known actors and the good method actors rather than going for the famous names to draw in audiences. The quality of the series does not need that kind of distraction.

  • Calinda

    Richard Armitage embodies the character of Roger Wakefield McKenzie: strong silent unassuming type; tall, dark handsome w crystal blue eyes. A music artist who plays guitar…Loved him in North &South! MI5 (Spooks). Wide age range but older than Bree; mature enough to handle her strong will.. Sweet bt smart man!