‘Outlander’ Wins a People’s Choice Award!

People's Choice

Thanks to all of the Outlander fans, Outlander took home the award for “Favorite Cable Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show.” Outlander beat The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, and American Horror Story.  This is a fan-driven, fan voted award and all of those fans that voted should be very excited and proud of the effort.  This is just another example of the popularity of the show.

Click here for their acceptance speech!

  • aussiesuzie

    How wonderful,well it’s deserving anyhoo,congratulations all,Starz,cast etc,& the fans who voted the sore fingers were worth it,not Apr 4th yet?

  • Sherry Riley

    And so it begins. I’m curious about the final count. Was it a landslide victory? I guess we’ll just have to be content with the win. WooooHoooo!

    • DrBlueFrogPhD

      I’m thinking it was…..enough that the producers of the show said “we need to at least mention them” because 30+ other winners didn’t even get a mention.

  • DrBlueFrogPhD

    I have to laugh at this. I voted once, hoped for the best, and thought for sure that GoT’s rabid fan base would kill us. Then we won (and apparently by a margin large enough that the show producers thought “we better at least mention them!”). Now all the GoT, Dr. Who, AHS, and TWD fans are crying! LMAO! The way I see it, we had a few things in our favor:

    1) Our show has been on hiatus since Oct and will be until April 4th. We’ve got nothing but time.

    2) A vast majority of rabid GoT or TWD fans that I know are also rabid fans of the the other shows in our category – it had to split the vote.

    3) Unlike those other shows, Outlander hasn’t been nominated for a Golden Globe or Emmy so we had to throw our weight behind this one (hey, we’re the new kids on the block and only half a season has aired – next year we’ll be all up in the “big show”). It’s the only one we could effectively control and boy did we.

    That all being said, hey Starz! How about throwing the “World’s Greatest Fans” a bone and moving up the Season 1b start date?!?! (A girl can dream…..)

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  • Di lee

    Congrats to Outlander, to everyone involved in it, from Diana Galbaldon to the wonderful cast. Next time we will be in the Emmys and Golden Globe. YEAH!

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