Brian McCardie Joins the ‘Outlander’ Cast as Sir Marcus MacRannoch

Brian McCardie

*This post contains SPOILERS if you have not read Outlander.*

Starz confirmed that Brian McCardie will appear as Sir Marcus MacRannoch when Outlander returns on April 4, 2015.

Sir Marcus MacRannoch appears around the Wentworth prison ordeal, offering help to both Jamie and Claire.  It also turns out that he was once an admirer of Ellen MacKenzie, Jamie’s mother.

Brian McCardie is about to turn 50 and is from Glasgow, Scotland.  He has appeared in The Musketeers and Lilies television series and the films Filth, Rob Roy, and The Ghost and the Darkness.

Brian McCardie Brian McCardie

Source: Starz via Outlander TV News, IMDb

  • starzonmarz

    That’s exactly how I pictured him, but in a nicer house with more hair, lol.

  • Araceli

    I pictured him older, bigger, longer hair more of a beard.

  • wabbit

    Beard and extra hair can be successfully added. This is the actor in his contemporary street clothes, ya ken?

  • donnahays

    Another terrific casting choice! So handsome!

  • Gingergirl

    Was not familiar with this actor so I watched a video on YouTube called Aquaphobia. I was impressed and think he’ll make a fine Marcus! “Keep Calm and Trust Ron” ,as some clever fan wrote, is my new mantra…

  • Irene Blanchard

    I envisioned Sir Marcus MacRannoch looking a lot like the Ghost of Christmas Present in the Muppets’ Christmas Carol! Different colouring, or course, but larger than life, serious or jolly as called for. We’ll see what costuming and attitude do for Brian McCardie! I like the “Keep Calm and Trust Ron” mantra – it’s worked so far.

    • Gingergirl

      Love it! And Yes, so far so good…Brianna and Roger will be another test for Ron and co. as the fan expectations are so high. Can’t wait…

  • Outlandishly_hooked

    He is a handsome man but MacRannoch is a very big man. Book describes him as massive head, thickset shoulders… Claire thought he was a bear. Based on all casting so far, I have faith in Ron and wait to see how it all works out.

  • Kate Smith

    Excellent choice!

  • Arlene Rogers

    To the people who have said they thought MacRannoch would be older. Although Sam is older, Jamie is only supposed to be in his early 20’s. I don’t know how old Ellen was when she gave birth to Jamie, but she had to be in her early 20’s as well. Fifty would be a reasonable age for one of her suitors that was vying with Black Brian and Murtagh

  • Carolee Luper

    Hasn’t this episode already been filmed as it is in the first book of the Outlander series and Season 2 is supposed to be Dragonfly in Amber? Or am I mistaken that the rescue of Jamie from Wentworth is in the first Season ( second half ) ?

  • Lori

    Always wondered what happened to the actor that played Alistair Roy in Rob Roy. I had even wondered if he might turn up in Outlander at some point, so it’s nice to see him here. He’ll make a fine Marcus. Can’t wait!

  • Patricia DeGoosh Devereux

    Loved him in Rob Roy, watched Outlander and thought he looked familiar….then happened upon Rob Roy on TV and was delighted to make the connection! Great choice for MacRanoch!!! Handsome then, handsome now!