Go Behind the Scenes with Ronald D. Moore in Episode 108 (Video)

Ron Moore 102

Ron Moore explains how episode 108, “Both Sides Now,” of Outlander came together. Ron discusses the conflict in Claire and her quick decision when she comes upon Craigh na Dun, why they brought in more Frank to this episode, what in the episode is a first, and keeping the fans guessing.

[Spoiler warning:  If you have not seen episode 108 yet, do not watch this video.]

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Source: Starz

  • Farmer_Girl

    Episode 8 was disappointing. Especially after the outstanding job you did with The Wedding. All that screen time around Frank and you couldn’t take 30 seconds to have Jamie include his warning to Claire about staying put and the consequences if she didn’t? Those consequences play a huge role in what’s to come in the next 1-2 episodes. It also alters the dynamics of the Jamie/Claire relationship and you totally omitted it. That’s really unfair to Starz viewers who have never read the books. Not your finest hour Ron.