Go Behind the Scenes with Ronald D. Moore in Episode 106 (Video)

Ron BTS Screen Cap 106

Ron Moore explains how episode 106, “The Garrison Commander,” of Outlander came together.  Ron speaks about expanding a couple of pages in the book to a whole episode and about Tobias Menzies as both Frank and Black Jack Randall. Personally, I could watch an hour on how they did the flogging scene.

[Spoiler warning:  If you have not seen episode 106 yet, do not watch this video.]

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  • Lori

    Brilliant episode. The work it must have taken to write and create it must have been exhausting. I still say Tobias looks a wee bit like Steven Segal in the wig, but it works and he was magnificent. I liked Ron Moore’s take on the characteristics of both Frank and Jack that are not what one would necessarily expect from either.