Rory Burns Joins the ‘Outlander’ Cast as Young Roger Wakefield

Rory_Burns01052014_143257_Wondering if young Roger Wakefield would be in the first season of Outlander?  According to this report from his school, Rory Burns played young Roger Wakefield for at least one day.  Roger Wakefield is the adopted son of Rev. Wakefield who is played by James Fleet.  For the non-book readers, the character of Roger Wakefield does not become important until the second book, Dragonfly in Amber.  The description of his day on his set is very cute.

Filming took place at Hunterston House in West Kilbride. Much to Rory’s (and his very proud Mummy’s) excitement not only was he picked up and dropped off by personal limousine, he had his own trailer.  

Despite the number of crew on set and the size of filming and lighting equipment Rory was unfazed and enjoyed the experience. His mother said, “A highlight for Rory was a scene in which he gets a biscuit to eat. Eventually after three biscuits the props staff realised that given the chance Rory would eat the whole packet!”

Source: St. Columba’s School via Outlander Podcast

  • Jennifer Duffy

    In the book, we actually meet Roger before we meet Jamie!

  • Linda Kay Price

    What a cutie! He looks just like I pictured young Roger and would love to see him act in other things; the hair really looks like Roger 🙂

    • Hiedi Ashworth

      Roger has black hair, not red. I hope they get it right.

      • David R

        Hiedi, that’s one of those continuity things – Roger needs to OBVIOUSLY look like a descendent of Geillis Duncan. Looking at Lotte Verbeek’s photo on Starz, they have switched her character to being a more stereotyped ginger-haired/blue-eyed “Scottish Lass” in appearance.

        It looks like we long-term fans are just going to have to “take it on the chin” re: the unique eye colours Dr. G. gave the main characters. 🙁

      • llynquennel

        Something else to realize is that people’s hair can change color from when they’re very young to when they’re an adult. I had middling brown-red hair when I was younger, and now I’m a dark brown/almost black color. And I’ve known several people who had reddish locks when very small that darkened considerably as they got older. So don’t worry too much about little Rory having reddish hair; it’s easily within the realm of possibility for the adult Roger to have black hair anyway.

      • nonikell

        His hair looks brown, I think that’s just the sun hitting it and the light in the photo, and even there it’s a highlighted bark brown, not red. It didn’t look red on-screen, it looked dark brown. Also, I’m not sure his hair color really matters. It’s not like they go ‘oh, Geillis is the only person to look like x in all of scotland, so that one trait proves it’ there have been far worse book-to-screen adaptations, and while they might try to be more exact with varying for older Roger, they’re not going to ask a 5y.o. to dye his almost-perfect color hair for 30 seconds on camera.
        I think the entire production and acting cast have done a great job so far. Sure, they’ve made some changes, but they’ve kept fairly true to the books; they’ve kept in important dialogue, scenes, and made some really nice choices with body language and styling. I guess what I’m saying is if you’re going to get your panties in a bunch over a character that was on screen for less than a minute I don’t see how you can be enjoying any of it and I think you’re stressing out over a minute detail (that they clearly thought about – it’s not like he’s blonde) you should either just sit back and enjoy the ride, or not watch at all.

        I’m not saying it’s not ok to have an opinion, it is, but this is so tiny. It’s life complaining about Sam not being a natural red head when he was first cast.

  • librarygrrl64

    WEE ROGER! Roger is probably my favorite character in the series, so I am thrilled. He’s adorable!

    • David R

      He’s not my favourite character (that reserved for Brianna R.), but he IS the one with whom I have the most in common.

      ** SPOILER ALERT ** (for TV-only fans)

      Whilst a little (5cm) shorter than he is, I also have a pretty singing voice, and despite being athletic enough, also tend to be overshadowed by the (even more athletic!) company I keep. I also have had to face the very high probability of losing my singing voice forever (due to neck surgery, rather than a hanging). I was VERY miserable at the prospect, so I could TOTALLY sympathize w/him! 🙁

      [fortunately, it didn’t happen to me]


  • Judy Day Ricketts

    Oh my gosh what a darling little mannie! What episoe is it? How did I miss him?

    • nonikell

      The last one, I belive. He’s only on camera for a few seconds, just long enough to ask for a biscuit.