‘Outlander’ Comes to New Zealand and The Netherlands

Lightbox poster

Great news for Outlander fans in New Zealand and in The Netherlands!  Television stations in both countries will air Outlander.

In New Zealand, Lightbox will be airing the show.  No premiere date has been announced.

In a major coup for the service and for legions of obsessed fans, Lightbox has also secured Outlander, a new fantasy drama based on Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling novels and starring Caitriona Balfe.

Maria Mahony, head of programming and local content, says, “We are absolutely thrilled to have Outlander on Lightbox. It’s a captivating show. New Zealand’s passionate Outlander clan has been very vocal in its excitement, and we’re confident other viewers will become converts too.”

For Dutch fans, HBO NL will air Outlander and the series will start its run on August 11th.  This is especially nice since Lotte Verbeek is Dutch.

Source: Yahoo!, Lightbox on FB, HBO NL

  • David R

    I would LOVE to know why on EARTH people keep calling Outlander a “fantasy”!! :-O


    I guess I need to go elsewhere and make some [polite] corrective comments. 🙂

    • dunesza

      Wenn schon, spricht man ‘Deutsch’ und nicht ‘Deutsche’

      • David R

        Es tut mir leid – Tippfehler 🙁

    • singtothewind

      noun: fantasy
      the faculty or activity of imagining impossible or improbable things.

  • Katy McTeigue

    This is bad Lightbox isn’t a channel, it’s and internet based subscription service. It hasn’t even open yet. It should have come to Soho. Now I can’t even watch Outlander on my TV, I will have to pay extra for lightbox and watch it on my computer screen or iPad.

    • Cynthia Eves

      @Katy McTeigue . I’m in New Zealand and I have just watched 3rd episode on my computer without paying. Try this sight as I watch a lot on here http://watchtvlinks.sx/

  • Lydia Jackson

    Is there any word on if it will be on free to air tv in New Zealand? As Katy says Lightbox is a broadband streaming channel, if I can’t afford Sky I sure as hell can’t afford a monthly internet channel sub.

  • ABV

    Thanks Cynthia,I was waiting for this to come on tv..my friend in Canada linked me to tbis article.