Diana Gabaldon Has Started Writing Book Nine

MOBY US coverThe eighth book (Written in My Own Heart’s Blood) is not even out yet (June 10!), but Diana Gabaldon has already started writing Book 9.  Here is what she wrote on Facebook on June 1:

“What have I been up to? Well, I slept ’til 9:30, that was a good start…exercised, took dogs for walk #1, ate hot dogs with husband, puttered in office for a bit, made grocery list, bit bullet and made appointments for _six_ interviews onMonday and Tuesday next week, made appt. for massage, wrote 500 words of Book Nine, looked at draft of “Blushing Optional: How to Write (and Not Write) Sex Scenes”, took dogs for Walk #2, took 4-mile walk without dogs, drank wine with husband, made 5-cheese mac and cheese for dinner, ate it, signed 300 tip-sheets for Easton Press leather-bound edition of OUTLANDER while watching “THING From Another World” with husband (for roughly the fortieth time), answered email and messages, and discovered that it is now (or about to be, depending where you are in the world) WORLD OUTLANDER DAY!! (June 1, that is. I don’t know who exactly said so, but a number of people in the Twitterverse seem to be celebrating it and who am I to say no to a good party?)

So yes, thank you–in answer to your kind inquiries, I am pretty much relaxing in this brief lull before All Hell Breaks Loose. <g>

Happy World OUTLANDER Day!”

It’s a small start, but if I remember correctly, she has said that it takes about three years for her to write a book.

  • Meg Haas French

    How can I buy one of those leather bound editions of Outlander??!!

    • Sandi McLaren

      They are the 20th Anniversary edition of Outlander. You can find them through your local bookseller, through the Poisoned Pen bookstore in AZ (where DG goes to do signings, etc.) or through an internet site (Amazon or eBay, etc.). They are lovely, have a ribbon page marker and a special CD of the Outlander “Musical” included.

      • disqus_k6e5MSCoxr

        Ohhh…I want one!

        • Chris King Bent

          Just got mine from Amazon.

  • CaliforniaCopperhead

    Thank God she’s started it! I’m gettin’ up there age-wise and am afraid I won’t be around to find out how it all ends!!

    • Val Darling

      Right with you. Finished book 8, how am I supposed to sleep not knowing??

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