Buy Some ‘Outlander’ Tartan? It Might Happen

Official First Jamie and Claire

An article from the Herald Scotland discusses Anthony Haines Textiles and the tartan they are providing to the Outlander production.  They have already made about 500 m of tartan for the costumes.  They are now in early talks with Starz and Sony to provide tartan and merchandise to fans.  I think the lot of us would love to have some tartan.  Here are some excerpts from the article:

“Mr Brown said the Outlander producers first got in touch in September last year to source fabric and said: “Initially it was four tartans with the same pattern to differentiate between different clans.

“They wanted something as authentic as possible. The first piece we put through our normal finishing process and that takes it from the raw woven state and softens it and gives a nicer feel. But they wanted the more rustic one and we had to change the set up of our looms to make it a more uneven weave which feels very coarse.

“The colours represent the heather dyes that would have been used back in the 17th century.”

Source: Herald Scotland

  • Laochri

    I have been looking for any hint that the Outlander Tartan would be available to the public for purchase.
    I am very hopeful that a deal can be worked out. This tartan would be perfect for Cosplay at a Renaissance Festival, Comic Cons and the like.

  • stop cntr street LRT

    there are restrictions on the tartan patterns of outlander ” Intended for the sole use of Sony Pictures Television Inc. Attn: Television Legal / Gregory K. Boone Address: Sony Pictures Entertainment 10202 West Washington Boulevard Harry Cohn Building, #111 Culver City, CA 90232
    Only to be woven by Anthony Haines Textiles”

    • Laochri

      Yes I know that. The Rob Roy and The William Wallace film Tartans had restrictions placed upon them at time of filming and the films in the theater, until there was an interest in purchasing them. Therefore I am going to make as much noise about The Outlander Tartans becoming available to the public. The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease.