Behind the Scenes Photos (and Other Things) of ‘Outlander’ (February 7, 2014)

The biggest news is that Outlander has started filming again!



Caitriona Balfe teases Sam Heughan about the size of their makeup bags.

Diana Gabaldon gets in on the teasing.


Lotte Verbeek (Geillis) tweeting about the production:



With Diana being on set, her presence is still noted on the Outlander Instagram account:

This photo is not of Diana getting ready for her part, but to do press interviews.

This behind the scenes look is of the back of an interior wall with a window that is supposed to look outside. Notice the tree limbs placed at the window and all the lights simulating daytime.

This photo is of a crane that probably holds a camera. From the message, this is a shot inside the castle. We can see some of the production design at work.

We see some empty chairs for the cast. Unfortunately, they are not in them.

In this photo from Caitriona’s Instagram, we see she is working on her first script since returning to Scotland. It is an episode called “The Reckoning” and it is written by Matthew B. Roberts. There is a chapter in Outlander called “Reckonings” and it is chapter 22. Are they both about the same thing?

There were at least a couple of days in Scotland that were press days. It looks like a number of press members were invited out to do interviews and tour the set. The one who shared the most was Jolie Lash of Access Hollywood. They were able to tour Castle Doune.




She has posted a number of additional images. Click here to visit AH site.   There is also another article about Castle Doune.  Click here to read that.

Diana went into detail about her acting bit on Outlander.  To read her whole post about it, click here.  It really gives you a good idea what a day for an actor might be like, even one with only a few lines.  I believe that her part was to due with The Gathering, so maybe she won’t be part of the episodes they are filming now. Episode 9 seems a bit late to be filming that part. It might have been a jump back to a previous script, but that is just my guess.  Here are the photos she shared that went along with her post.  I did not include the one that was already shared on Instagram.




  • NEGirl

    I thought the Gathering was what they were filming now…episodes 5 and 6 right? Did I miss something about episode 9? Is something happening in that episode that we think they’re filming now? Inquiring minds. 😉

    • alphadawg7

      There have been random mentions that they are possibly working on 9 and 10 right now instead of 5 and 6. Nothing official. They have not even mentioned officially who the director is.

      • D R Allen

        Something you need to keep in mind is that the Castle Doune is a Scottish National Landmark that adults normally pay £5.50 EACH DAY to enter! Allowing it to be closed to tourists for an ENTIRE month for a closed-set production was a major contribution by the Scottish Government to the success of the Outlander TV series.

        During that month, ALL scenes involving the exterior or courtyard of “Castle Leoch” had to be “filmed” regardless of in which episode they appear.

        You would have a similar situation if you were producing a TV series about George Washington. The estate at Mt. Vernon would be closed for a month, redecorated to match it’s appearance as his elder brother’s property during his childhood, then HIS property after he first inherited it, then during the revolution, then (briefly) just before his presidency, then afterwards. For each of these five different periods, the “set” would have a different appearance, but there’s no way that they’d close the estate, film just his childhood scenes, reopen it for tourists, close it again a few months later to film his young adult scenes, reopen it (& close it again & etc). No, they’d close it once, film all the scenes (for the ENTIRE production) in which it appears (including flashbacks), then clean up their mess and leave.

  • Paul Cowan

    what is the sports car in outlander? I’m guessing a 39 Damlier db18 drophead like the one
    Churchill had but the logo on the radiator doesn’t look right. It practically defines the concept of “Fun to drive”.