Simon Callow Joins ‘Outlander’ Cast as Duke of Sandringham

simon callow

This morning it was announced via Twitter that Simon Callow joins the cast of Outlander as the Duke of Sandringham. The Duke met Jamie for the first time when he was 16 and made some unwanted advances on the young man. Older now, Jamie has to forge an alliance with the Duke because of his possible Jacobite connections.

Simon Callow has also appeared in the infamous Doctor Who as Charles Dickens, Phantom of the Opera (2004) with Gerard Butler and Minnie Driver, and Shakespeare in Love, to name just a few. He is a London actor, born in 1949, and has won a number of awards such as the C.B.E. (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) in 1999 and the Laurence Olivier Theatre award in 1992.

I, for one, am incredibly excited to welcome Mr. Callow to the Outlander cast and am eager to see him on screen alongside our other acting talent!

Source: IMDB

  • Outlandrea

    Ooohh, he’ll be perfect!

  • D R Allen

    I wonder, though – when he plays the role, will he portray Sandringham as the harmless poofter that we met in the first book, or will he play the amoral employer of “Black Jack” Randall that latter books demonstrate he was all along? I understand that some of the actors are choosing to read the entire series first to understand their character’s personalities, and some are not.

  • gotrr

    Just when you thought the casting was perfect…it reaches new heights. Wow-o-wow! What a great get. Can’t wait to see this production.