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This site is dedicated to news on the television adaptation of the Outlander book series by Diana Gabaldon.  The show debuted on the Starz Network, but is also available in other countries and their channels.  Outlander TV News started on June 28, 2013.

This site is written by Sarah Ksiazek, Johanna Field, and Stephanie Bertone. Sarah and Johanna worked together on the still active The Host Movie News which also followed a popular book to its adaptation. We were and still are lucky to be included in anything press wise about the film and the book.  Sarah met Stephanie through The Host as well.  She ran her own site called The Host Movie Fans.

The goal is to be able to share with you news about the series in every capacity. I (Sarah) have been a fan of the book series for many years. I had a friend introduce me to it after I finished my obsessive reading of the Twilight books. I love history and historical fiction, so Outlander got me hooked and I proceeded onto the other books. I introduced Johanna to the books, and Stephanie had already read the first book.

I previously wrote about any Outlander news on another site I work for, Lost in Reviews, but I realized that a site dedicated to news on the series’ adaptation would be a fun thing to do. There are a lot of fans of this book, and we hope to be a website that you can rely on for up to date news on what is going on and discuss what we love about the books.

Like The Host Movie News, we hope that this will be a site that you can help with also.  If you find anything that we have missed, please feel free to email, Facebook, or Tweet us.

Thank you for coming to the site and supporting it.



Sarah Ksiazek – writer, editor

Johanna Field Underwood - writer

Stephanie Bertone -writer