‘Outlander’ Season Four Teaser Trailer

Starz did not leave fans hanging after the season three finale on Sunday.  Below is a teaser for season four of Outlander, based on the book Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon.  We only see one brief glimpse of Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) as they converse about being in a new land, meeting new people, and sharing a dream.

Outlander will return in 2018.

Source: Starz

  • JoAnn Stirton

    She’s leading again!!!

    • Hawthorne

      Because he is a stranger in a strange land and she isn’t. She also has the benefit of knowing the history of the American Revolution which is what is coming next. So our Jamie and Claire will be fighting those darned Red Coats once again. I can hardly wait, but I know I have to.

    • Shirley Walsh

      They are balanced, she’s older, more world experienced. He’s brave, conscientious and resourceful. He is ultimately in charge when it comes to the practical realities, but he knows well enough that she is smarter that he is in some respects. All romance literature plays with the balance of power in a relationship, what is on the PC surface, and what is more primitive and buried and more powerful motivation. Diana did this very well.

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