Matthew B. Roberts Addresses the ‘Outlander’ Episode 307 Criticisms and Social Media Decorum

On Halloween, writer/executive producer Matthew B. Roberts took to Twitter to address some of the criticism of episode 307.  He also answered some other general questions about the series.  Just a reminder to those who use social media that there is a person on the other end of the Twitter account, and they do read your tweets.  You can write them about not liking such and such about an episode, but please be respectful about it.

Source: Matt Roberts on Twitter

  • Mauricette Demoor

    Hi Matt, I love your work. In Voyager there was a very funny line about Jamie getting aroused seeing Claire goose bumps in the cellar, if you see what I mean. This was really funny and I wonder if it would be in one of the episodes.

  • Diane Clavareau

    Have read the books until 7. In French and realizing that there were errors in the translations, re-read in English until 4! Not easy to read, and suppose not easy to choose which scenes or chapters will be kelpt. But… I enjoy the TV series… when I can buy the DVD’s. No STARZ or whatever here, so I have to wait until 2018 sometime. As you said, there is the mother and the child. How will you “squeeze” the “Drums of Autumn” in a season? Rathe large book, numerous pages and info. As you said, challenging?

  • Katie Diotallevi

    I’m not on Twitter but am concerned by this abusive treatment of some Very Important People to a show we all love – Matt and Toni deserve to be treated with respect at all times! Saw a perfect sign for this situation: Tweet Others As You Would Want to Be Tweeted!! Good thing to remember!

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