Clip from ‘Outlander’ Episode 308, “First Wife”

The first clip from Outlander episode 308, “First Wife,” debuted today.  The clip puts Claire (Caitriona Balfe) back at Lallybroch with Jenny (Laura Donnelly).  The welcome back has not been a happy one.  We also see Jamie Murray (Connor McCarry) who has been quite busy  continuing the line of Murray’s.

Source: Marie Claire

  • Sarah Newland

    Poor Claire! Jenny’s making her feel so unnecessary

  • Mrs Emma P

    Wee Jamie should remember Claire. He wasn’t that small when she was last at Lallybroch. And he does in the book. Why do they keep messing with the facts?

    • distachio

      He was only about 3.

      Because the show is not the book. It’s only an adaptation of the book. They don’t have to follow the books at all if they don’t want to, but in general, they do. The writers wanted to make Claire’s return more uncomfortable than it was in the book, so voila, Wee Jamie didn’t remember her. Period. It’s a minor change. Get over it.

      • Fran

        Well said, I keep writing the same comments when people compare the books to the series.

        • distachio

          I know. It’s crazy the the way so many people pore over details like they own it. “Facts?” It’s a NOVEL, not a history book!

      • Just thinking

        Oh, God! We aren’t 5 years old and don’t need to be told what adaptation means. Why purchase the rights to the books and then change so many things? Oh, yeah, it’s always time constraints for the scenes.. Well guess if they’d stop putting in unnecessary scenes there would be more time for book parts. Adaptations/changes have not been better than the original source material. Source material=book for Outlander meaning this season Voyager.

        Take Dune written by Frank Herbert and adapted for the big screen. Released in 1984 during all the sci-fi rebirth with Star Wars. Total flop because so many changes were made that the audience that had not read the book walked out stunned. It was panned so bad that it almost killed Kyle MacLaughlin’s career. And Sting was in it!

        So far this season has proved that the writers and directors are trying to turn it into something that it’s not and Claire and Jamie are losing their chemistry with the new adapted scripts. So hoping very much that the rest of this season will be better than the first half and the changes will be minor. It’s no longer the thrill of was in season one that Outlander is on tonight.

        I think Starz will do just like they did with Black Sails and end it after the fourth season. Can’t think of a single Starz series that has gone more than four. They’re filming the 4th now but haven’t announced a fifth season. By that time they’d be so far off the book story lines no one would care anyway.
        It’s such a shame because the first season was great!

        • Verónica Alvarez

          I totally disagree, the adaptation is quite good and I cannot believe some people were so happy when it started and now they seem to be dictating what the plot line should be like…after the reunion we all expected a transition and the hangover, well here it is. I love the show and will continue supporting it besides, my husband is watching and enjoying it with me and he had never even heard of the book before, come on so much melodrama would discourage any male viewer. I love the fact that the show does surprise me and Sam and Cait are the best onscreen couple ever!!!

          • Diane Smiley-Addams

            I’ve read the books and follow the show…I usually don’t comment one way or another about Book vx TV adaptation but for some reason, this clip just doesn’t feel right…I’m hoping after the whole episode is shown that some things make sense. I’m a very big fan of the TV show and not complaining just a little taken aback with this clip.

          • Ginger Block

            Jenny, as portrayed by Laura Donnelly, has always been a hard person. She was a bit softer in the books but always fiercely protective of Jamie. Jenny saw Jamie suffer these past 20 years. He was ghost-like after leaving Willy behind, losing yet another child. He couldn’t even speak about his losses. Now Claire returns looking young and unscathed while eveyone else has toiled and sacrificed just to survive. Jenny is wondering why Claire never wrote a letter or let her and Ian know she survived. Claire comes back as Jamie has become a successful printer. She is worried that Claire will take Jamie away again to danger and who knows what. The book readers know how this all plays out in the next few books. In the meantime Jenny isn’t buying what Claire is selling (remember Claire is a poor liar). Unfortunately Claire can’t tell the truth as to where she has been so she has to keep quiet. I feel Jenny’s hurt, anger, and confusion as to why Claire has come back. Excellent acting by all.

          • Diane Smiley-Addams

            I know about what you speak…I just didn’t like that clip…I know how things work out but I thought Jenny was too cold, she should never have interfered in her bother’s love life. I know where the writers are going and but…I just don’t understand why Jamie married L in the first place since in the TV version he knew that L tried to get Claire killed…

          • Ginger Block

            Yes I think we are all interested in seeing how the writers explain that.

          • JoAnn Zakovec

            They can’t without making Jamie even EVEN MORE of an a**hole and Claire the biggest educated idiot of 2 centuries. Do Jenny and Ian sr. know what L. did. BAD if they do, worse (for Jamie) if he didn’t tell them, Jenny probably wouldn’t care, but I can’t see Ian sr. approving, telling him ” you can’t want to marry the person who was responsible for almost getting “supposedly” the love of your life killed, and possibly himself had the crowd tried to overtake him when he rescued Claire (TV)

          • Ginger Block

            Oh boy. Just saw clip 2. Jenny is in rare form

      • Northernlights13

        Wouldn’t this be the same “Wee Jamie” that Uncle Jamie took issue with, thinking he was BJR child?
        He was angry when he first arrived back at Lallybroch from Castle Leoch because Jenny had named BJR’s child after “Himself”, when in fact he was Ian’s child..

        • Ginger Block

          You are absolutely right!!

  • Buxtehude11

    Heartbreaking that Claire can never tell Jenny that she, too, is a mother. It is she who has made a monumental sacrifice to bring a child into the world … Jamie’s child. That is what makes this small moment so utterly sad and makes Outlander such a damn fine show

    • Sheila Northcott

      Why do you think that she has to keep it a secret forever? She might not bring up Bree right away but no reason to think it never comes out.

  • Diane Smiley-Addams

    That was harsh…”Claire used to live at Lallybroch.” How cold can one be? Whom ever wrote this episode is way off base. I’m not one for book purity, but this just doesn’t sit right with me. There are lies and there is omission of some truths. I hope the episode as a whole is better presented.

  • MaryBeth Southwell

    So just because it really had been awhile since I’d actually read Voyager, Although I have read it multiple times in the past like so many of us , I listened to the Chapter in which Clair arrives on the coach and arrives in the Print shop. First of all , going back through the stones wasn’t that romantic- She came too soaked outside the stones and made her way after a time to town to take the coach -Why were so many keyed up we didn’t see that part? And secondly the Print ship reunion was so very like the book all of the hesitation and uncertainty, Jamie disliking Brianna’s name overwhelmed with the pictures certainly and yes he did cry or “quietly came apart” but really other than that so spot on and I even pictured Geordie as he was in the series and laughed. Go back and give the scene an audio book listen or read it out loud and watch that section again. I say audio or read aloud because perhaps like me you read into the printed page and see things that aren’t there yet based on my knowledge of the future Claire and Jamie come to share. They aren’t back “in love” just yet and this weeks episode will be a real test. And some say as Jenny will do things that seem as if she hates Claire but she wants to bring things to a head, and also she lost Claire as well , they had become close – Why did Claire leave for 20 years without returning or writing Lallybroch? Lets watch it this week and see how it starts to unfold!