Behind the Scenes Photos of ‘Outlander’ Filming in Polmont

It’s another night shoot for Outlander, and they are filming season four in a place accessible to the public.  Some fans or curious neighbors have shared some photos of the production filming with a graveyard set up at the location.  In one photo, Sam Heughan can be seen.  According to those who have posted, they are filming in Polmont near Falkirk at Grey Buchanan Park.  Thank you to those who have shared their photos!

Updated with new photos on 10/21/2017.

#outlander set in #polmont #polmontpark #spoiler (only time where I get to walk on graves)

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#outlander set #polmont #polmontpark #spoiler

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Outlander Filming and I saw Jamie 😊 #Outlander #outlanderseason #moviemaking #scotland #edinburghtourguides

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Outlander filming tonight at Polmont #outlander #outlanderseason4 #moviemaking #scotland #edinburghtourguides

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There's yer Outlander filming down the park behind my house. #outlander #filming #filmset #hollywood #stars #etc

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#outlander #filminglocation

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A #outlander scene being filmed #spoiler #polmont #polmontpark

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Cart at the Outlander Filming tonight. #outlander #outlanderseason4 #edinburghtourguides #moviemaking #scotland

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Feel like @megadeth need a new front man? @davemustaine 😘

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  • Toofless Granny

    I guess this means they won’t be doing any filming in North Carolina. 🙁

    • Janet Ewaskiewicz

      They’ve already said that. It has to do with film craft union rules they would have to follow anywhere in the U.S. In Scotland, the rules don’t apply, apparently.

    • distachio

      Way too expensive.

    • Shanah Koplowitz

      no it sucks, they are doing all the filming for season 4 elsewhere (namely Scotland and Czeck Republic. It’s crazy – they should be filming in the historic places where all of this took place.

  • Carol Taylor

    whilst in North Carolina back in June l visited the graveyard that is actually mentioned in the book, so l HAVE been there..

  • connie craycraft

    This is great, the wall, trees look very similar to several graveyards in Charleston.