UHQ ‘Outlander’ Season Three Official Photos

Only a handful of photos have been released for Outlander season three, and not all were high-quality images.  Below are the photos released thus far in ultra high-quality from Starz, both from the season three episodes and one behind the scenes photo.  A couple of released photos are missing from this post.

Characters that can be seen below are Jamie (Sam Heughan), Claire (Caitriona Balfe), Frank (Tobias Menzies), and Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies).

Source: Starz

  • ingeborg oppenheimer

    love the way sam’s face stays in character while makeup is being applied!

  • Lee Scalia

    Wow…the photo of Claire walking through the battlefield is haunting

  • Carolee Luper

    Sure wish the hair dressers would get Claire’s hair curliness more uniform. In her bed photo it is very curly and then in the scene where she walks Culloden it is far less curly. Noticed that a lot during the first two seasons and it is somewhat off-putting as DG always talks about her wild curls in the books.

    • Karen

      The battlefield scene is his vision of her as he remembers her. The bed scene with Frank and the baby are modern times, where she would likely have a more 20th century hair ‘do.

      • Carolee Luper

        It’s not abouy the hair-do. Naturally curly hair like Claire”s is difficult to control. AND , DG talks about how Claire cannot control he4 wild hair many times in ALL THE BOOKS. Therefore, why would Jamie think of her with straighter hair?

        • Rachael Miles

          Its not that straight but hey why split hairs its a good series well acted and i love it so come on girls…why get hot about it all lets be grown ups

          • Carolee Luper

            Hi Rachel,
            It’s just that they spend so much money on costumes, sets, etc that it seems as if they could get the hair right! After all, they have a staff of hair dressers who gets Sam’s hair the right auburn color and they make everyone else’s hair correct for the period. So why neglect getting Claire’s hair authentic too? Has nothing to do with being a grown up, or getting upset about it. Just a logical question as the hair bit IS talked about quite a bit in the books and that wild and unruly hair is a big part of Claire’s appearance and love Jamie’s comments about it.

          • Rachael Miles

            ophs your reply dropped in to the junk mail, i have looked at what you were saying closely her hair is curly but not so as it was so what i picture and its like “heavens what are they doing…” sit back enjoy and stop bickering like a load of girls in the play ground honesty what is this turning in to lol

    • Theresa von Phul

      Heat & HUmidity play merry hell with hair! I have had more than one hairdo go off the rails because of the weather!