Hot Topic and Outlander Go Together, Right?

Hot TopicHot Topic announced today that they are getting into the Outlander merchandise business.  I guess there are more teens and twenty-somethings that like this show than I thought.  While there are only two t-shirts currently available, there are more images of what is to come.

Tell us what you think and if you would buy any of their offerings.

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Source: Hot Topic

  • MaryR

    Honestly? I love it. My daughter would wear some of these, as would I. She’d be able to do the skirts – I love the riding jackets. And they made some items available in plus sizes. Hot Topic did well in blending both the teen/YA fashion and the Outlander (Oh, I totally want my daughter to have this) mom markets.

    • Diane Woodruff Shepherd

      I love them all, but the fur lined coat was so beautiful on her. I would buy as much as I could….

  • Lone Star

    Happy they have some Plus Size offerings!

  • pittypat

    Depends on the price but it all looks lovely.

  • Charity Thompson

    i would most deffiently get the shirts


    Where CAN we find the skirt? ( Fraser tartan kilt)?