Unconfirmed: ‘Outlander’ Shooting in Former Glasgow Hospital?

There is an unconfirmed report that says Outlander has started “secretly” shooting season three.  No one on the cast or crew of Outlander has said anything about filming beginning, but we know from Sam Heughan that it will start this month.  The reports come from several outlets that say that activity has been seen in the old Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow, Scotland.  It no longer functions as a hospital and recently was sold to a new owner who may turn it into flats.

This may be a completely different film/tv crew that is at the site, or the crew is out doing location scouting or preparing to film soon.  If you were not around when season two began filming, it was a big deal when the first day of shooting season two began, so this is why I am highly doubtful that filming has begun.  Click here for a refresher of what May 7, 2015 looked like on social media.

Below are old photos of the Victoria Infirmary.

This news was reported by Evening Times, The Sun, and The Herald Scotland.

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  • distachio

    Several of them,i but ncluding Sam, have tweeted that they’re back in Scotland, so it’s too early for them to have started any principal shooting. They have about two weeks of preparation ahead of them: rehearsals, costume fittings, etc.

    The crew at the hospital may either be doing some set-up, or they’re a second-unit crew.

    • Kathy Feddema

      Besides that, what scenes could they be shooting? I don’t recall any early scenes from Voyager that would require such a building, unless they plan to make it into Ardsmuir Prison, eventually.

      • veganorth

        My guess is the building interior will be used for 20th century Boston Claire hospital scenes, possibly even Harvard scenes involving her and Frank if those snippets figure in the story. Even interior school scenes of Bree growing up — who knows what potential varied style of interior space a building that that could have. I’m assuming for the first 3+ episodes they’ll be intercutting from 20th century Claire events to Jaime’s progression from the dunbonnet, to Mac Dubh to Hellwater…until we all join our dear Claire making her approach to A. Malcolm’s shop. Sigh.