‘Outlander’ Behind the Scenes Photos of Sam Heughan Shooting Season Three

**If you prefer to stay in the dark and spoiler-free regarding the events of season three, skip this post.*

Sam Heughan and many extras are continuing to film Outlander season three near Glasgow, Scotland.  Just Jared shared 30 photos of Sam and others filming today, August 25, 2016.  I can assume that this is the continuation of filming the Battle of Culloden that began on Sunday.  I wonder how long this sequence will take to film, and if we will see shots of the other principal actors involved in it.  So far, these are the only shots of filming where we have been able to see actors close up.  Sam’s hair is much shorter, no? Below are selection of the photos, but head over to Just Jared to see all of them.

Update (8/26/2016): New photos from the same shooting sequence added to the bottom of the post courtesy of Roddy Scott Photography.  See his Facebook Page for more.

sam-heughan-is-all-bloody-on-outlander-season-2-set-01 sam-heughan-is-all-bloody-on-outlander-season-2-set-02 sam-heughan-is-all-bloody-on-outlander-season-2-set-03 sam-heughan-is-all-bloody-on-outlander-season-2-set-04 sam-heughan-is-all-bloody-on-outlander-season-2-set-05 sam-heughan-is-all-bloody-on-outlander-season-2-set-06 sam-heughan-is-all-bloody-on-outlander-season-2-set-07 sam-heughan-is-all-bloody-on-outlander-season-2-set-08 sam-heughan-is-all-bloody-on-outlander-season-2-set-09 sam-heughan-is-all-bloody-on-outlander-season-2-set-10 sam-heughan-is-all-bloody-on-outlander-season-2-set-13 sam-heughan-is-all-bloody-on-outlander-season-2-set-18 sam-heughan-is-all-bloody-on-outlander-season-2-set-22 sam-heughan-is-all-bloody-on-outlander-season-2-set-24 sam-heughan-is-all-bloody-on-outlander-season-2-set-27 sam-heughan-is-all-bloody-on-outlander-season-2-set-28 sam-heughan-is-all-bloody-on-outlander-season-2-set-29 sam-heughan-is-all-bloody-on-outlander-season-2-set-30 sam-heughan-is-all-bloody-on-outlander-season-2-set-31

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Source: Just Jared, Roddy Scott Photography

  • Marlee

    Mobile phones, bottles of water and plenty of tomato sauce – love it.

  • Tracy Duncan

    4 more weeks and I will be seeing the actual area where the Battle of Culloden took place…

    • Rachael Miles

      i have been there very quiet and strange , flat marshy land ,the highlander stood no chance, there stands the same building that some of the men hide in now looked after by the museum which is also on the grounds and well worth seeing

  • Soozee Wyld

    crap … not very warm there for summer !!!! great shots on the misty moors <3

    • Judith Ann Webster

      considering the battle took place on April 16th and it was a cold, wet April – mother nature was helping the set designers.

  • Peggy Ullman Bell

    Not sure if Sam’s hair has been cut or merely clubbed for battle. I think clubbed.

  • Carolyn Roberts

    Sam is very delish with tomato sauce or without.

  • Toni Renier

    WHere exactly in Glasgow. Friend is over there right now and is looking for the site. Can you give more specifics as to location?

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  • Tracy Duncan

    I finally visited the site of the battle. You were so right it was so eerily quiet. You could just feel it was a sacred place. It was interesting in the museum, but watching the lighted table reinactment brought a tear to my eyes, when I saw the scope of highlanders killed