So Why Wasn’t That Part in Jamie and Claire’s Goodbye?

[Spoiler Alert:  If you have not seen the finale yet, please come back to this post after you do.]

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There have been a few comments from fans about a particular part of Jamie and Claire’s goodbye scene in the book that did not make it to the onscreen version in the second season finale, “Dragonfly in Amber.”  Author Diana Gabaldon to the rescue!  Diana wrote today via social media why Jamie and Claire cutting their initials into each other’s hands was cut from the scene at Craigh na Dun.  Before the finale (and I think many weeks or even months ago), I remember Maril Davis or Diana mentioning that it was not going to be in the episode, so I was already prepared for that to not be included.  See what Diana wrote below, but go to her Facebook Page or click on the tweet below to read the book version of the part that was excluded.  It doesn’t include any spoilers for non-readers, but I left it out just in case.

Mark me….or, you know…don’t….

I’d thought of posting this bit from DRAGONFLY before the show’s finale, and warning you that the show wasn’t doing it this way, lest finding this particular bit omitted might cause some of you (you know who you are…) to become Disgruntled and thus miss the real beauty and intensity of Jamie and Claire’s farewell.

But then I decided that I shouldn’t do that; not only would it be a spoiler, it might well rile some people _a priori_ and not only spoil the ending for them, but also cause any amount of hopping up and down and general agitation that I didn’t think would serve anyone going into what’s really a spectacular ending.

But I did want to show the original to you, both as a solace to the book-fans, and a small gift to the show-only fans.

(Btw…one of the writers was chatting with me before a Writers Bloc interview in LA and said, “We’re not going to do the cutting initials, but you’ll _love_ what we’re doing instead!” I didn’t say anything (out of shock) but the expression on my face must have given a general impression of not being proactively thrilled. I got a grip and asked calmly what that was, only to be told that they were going to have Claire give Jamie the chunk of amber with the dragonfly, prior to going through the stones.

I won’t recount the entirety of my comments to Ron and Maril in the wake of this conversation, but I recall saying, “…there’s a massive emotional distance between, “I love you so passionately that I want you to shed my blood and scar me forever so I can remember your touch,” and “Here, darling, take the ugliest wedding present ever to remember me by for the forty-five minutes before you die.”

They admitted the essential truth of this <cough>, but insisted that they couldn’t do the cutting because it would be messy (they had all kinds of trouble with the blood-knife at the wedding, and were envisioning blood dripping everywhere and smearing and what it would do to the costumes, which had to last through multiple takes) and take too long and interrupt the pacing of the scene.

In all of which contentions, they were indubitably right, but STILL. The only thing I was able to do was extract a promise that they’d speak to the props department about making a new chunk of amber that didn’t look quite so much like a piece off a broken telephone pole transformer.)

So anyway….here you go!

Facebook source for Diana

  • West of Western

    First of all, if anyone read DIA and viewed the first episode of S2, they would’ve seen a close up of Claire’s hands as she sat in the garden of the reverend’s house. There was no scar. Secondly, Maril Davis has already refuted being the source of the comment attributed to her (and Ron) by Diana Gabaldon. Thirdly, the scarring takes place in a cottage near the stones. Fourthly, the scarring is an introspective detail that takes place later in the books. It would require the actors to constantly look at their thumbs.

    I question why this was made an issue by the author after the finale when she was aware of this change all along? She also referred to a change mid-season in Laoghaire’s character as “jumping the shark”. I no longer follow her on twitter, FB or at her website. I am loving the Outlander program. I am so grateful for Starz, Ron Moore & his team. I loved the books. But, they are 2 completely different mediums of story telling.

    • Lisa Swain

      I find it interesting that she posted this as well. I don’t “question” it and certainly haven’t unfollowed her as she’s the one responsible for all of it. I’m not sure why you felt the need to no longer follow her, unless you are offended by possible criticism of RDM or Starz changes. Are you a Starz troll? Employee? Relative of RDM? They did jump the shark with Laoghaire – it was a major change with repercussions moving forward and it’s not clear how they’ll get out of the mess they made moving forward. Mark Me, it IS a mess. The writing team – or some of them – don’t always capture the essence of Jamie and Claire. Nevertheless, it’s a better show than most and I do hope they keep striving to do so and have no intention of banishing them from my social media world in a hissy fit.

      • West of Western

        I’m tired of all of the SM negativity I’ve seen re: Outlander. I don’t like it. Love the show and the books. It’s as simple as that.

  • Sharon Lameo Bradley

    OMG DG is so funny…not much makes me laugh out loud but she does! Thanks sooooo much!

  • TJ

    I do support DG’s feelings about being unsettled about not putting in the part about cutting their initials into each others hands at the stones. It was an important part there! Though I may not be happy about it either, the ending was superb! Sam and Cait were absolutely amazing! I so feel that this show deserves all the awards out there and Sam and Cait especially deserve all the acting awards availble to this show along with Terry D. for her costuminng! There were stunning, as always! And, of course, there wouldn’t be an Outlander series without DG’s Outlander Book Series! They are my very favorite books in the my 68 yrs! I have 5 bookcases of books plus some in cartons and I have read Outlander for than any other that I have! Ten times each book except for MOBY…that has only been 3x’s! That doesn’t count listening to them on Audible either! If you haven’t listened to them yet, do try one with Davinia Porter reading! Amazing, just amazing!

  • patriotgrandma

    his had cut and bit by Dougal was not necessary…nor his hand again grasped by Charlie…giving enough time for the initials. He already had the rag tied on his…..but who am I to complain….I love every moment I can get out of this show….forgive me for wanting it all!!!!