Throwback Thursday: ‘Outlander’ Emmy Chat: From Scotland to Paris

Before the season two premiere of Outlander, there was a lengthy Television Academy panel presentation in New York City about what to expect in the season and basically showcasing the work done on the upcoming season.  In attendance at the panel were Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Tobias Menzies, Maril Davis, Jon Gary Steele, Bear McCreary, Terry Dresbach, Ronald D. Moore, and Raya Yarbrough.  Below is the video of the entire panel and photos are below the video.

Outlander-bear-mccreary-raya-yarbrough-399x600 Outlander-bear-poster-900x600 Outlander-catriona-400x600 Outlander-bear-raya-onstage-900x600 Outlander-catriona-poster-900x600 Outlander-green-room-900x600 Outlander-jon-gary-steele-900x600 Outlander-maril-davis-jon-bear-900x600 Outlander-michelle-cast-900x600 Outlander-panel-2-900x600 Outlander-moore-terry-dresbach-900x600 Outlander-panel-3-900x600 Outlander-panel-1-900x600 Outlander-panel-4-900x600 Outlander-panel-5-900x600 Outlander-panel-6-900x600 Outlander-panel-7-900x600 Outlander-panel-8-900x600 Outlander-panel-arrival-900x600 Outlander-ronald-d-moore-900x600 Outlander-sam-400x600 Outlander-raya-bear-onstage-900x600 Outlander-tobias-400x600 Outlander-sam-poster-900x600 Outlander-tobias-poster-900x600 Outlander-tobias-catriona-sam-panel-900x600

Source: Television Academy

  • Sirilicious

    I watched it when this came out, i think it is such a great, all encompassing view of the production of s2. Sometimes the non-cast stuff can get dull, i feel guilty about that at times, but it’s also understandable. This time though, all of them together give us a wonderful look behind the scenes.