Sony Studio Exec Breaks Down the ‘Outlander’ Trio’s Acting Greatness

In a video shared by Backstage, Dawn Steinberg, Head of Talent and Casting at Sony Pictures Television, breaks down the acting of Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, and Tobias Menzies on Outlander.  I love videos like this and we will be seeing many more with the Emmy race to nominations coming up.

  • Lori

    I could not agree with Ms.Steinberg more. It’s nice when someone “gets it.”

  • SkiAdcock

    They did a good job w/ the clips for Claire & Tobias, but still focused more on Sam’s looks/etc & not as much of him as an actor. He comes across more lightweight/leading man & she didn’t give the acting accolades she did to Claire/Tobias. Since they showed a snippet from final ep of S1 for Tobias, it would have helped to give the same for Sam to show some of the acting chops.

    • distachio

      I agree! Focusing so much on his looks hurts his chances of being recognized for the skilled actor he truly is. .

  • distachio

    Not bad, but I really wish they’d stop focusing on Sam’s looks and concentrate more on his formidable acting chops.

  • Rebecca

    I could not agree more. Sam Heughan is a great actor and carries the show with Caitriona. He is more than his body; he IS Jamie Fraser and has brought the character to life. Sam received less time and less significance in Ms. Steinberg’s review. He deserves to be recognized for his acting prowess and deserves not only a nomination but an award. Tobias is wonderful, but he is not the lead; Sam is one of the two leading characters.