RTE 2’s ‘Outlander’ Preview Gives Us a Peek at 1960s Claire

It is only one small snippet of footage and one line from Claire (Caitriona Balfe), but this is one thing fans have been curious about for a while.  What is an aged Claire (and also an aged Caitriona) going to look like?  Claire is not in her 60s in Dragonfly in Amber, so maybe the quality of the makeup aging will be more apparent once we get our hands on some HD clips or when the episode airs.  Claire rocking a Jackie Kennedy look, though.  This a video of a TV set showing the preview, but it may satiate fans for a few days, perhaps?  It also looks like Ireland (RTE 2) will be getting the finale a few days earlier than the US.

Thanks to JamieandClaireFraser.net for sharing!

Source: JamieandClaireFraser.net

  • Logan

    Oops, Claire isn’t in her 60s in Voyager either. She was born in 1918 and goes back in 1968 so she would be 50.

    • alphadawg7

      No, she is not. If you read the sentence again… I was using an extreme example.

      • Sirilicious

        It´s stated a bit confusingly, especially if you haven´t read the books.

  • Ali

    Frankly, I think she looks younger than current Claire.

  • Di lee

    Claire and Caitriona will age beautifully. It is in the bones.

  • marisol reilly

    So pretty <3

  • Sunshineyness

    I know it’s one brief shot but I am not crazy about her hair design. but as a person with a big hobby in historical hair styling I’m always critical of hair and make up from other periids. :p

    • I thought it looked very “Jackie Kennedy” That was my first thought with the brief glimpse. Very bouffant which was the 60’s all the way. I had thick curly hair and my attempts at that cut came out pretty much the same. Didn’t have flat irons to straighten it, just giant brush rollers.