New Official Photos from Roger and Brianna Feature in Entertainment Weekly

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Today is the day that the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly hits newsstands and is arriving in mailboxes.  While Rogue One covers the front of the magazine, Outlander also is on the cover (you can’t miss the large “Outlander” at the top).  Inside, there is one new official photo of Roger MacKenzie Wakefield (Richard Rankin) and Brianna Randall (Sophie Skelton) and one behind the scenes photo.  There are also interviews with both Sophie, Richard, Ronald D. Moore, and Sam Heughan.

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EW Brianna Roger EW Brianna RogerSource: EW, EW #2

  • Everyone I talked to isn’t pleased with the casting, but I’m super optimistic. I think I just love Bree and Roger so much that I’m super excited about meeting their adult selves.

    • distachio

      You can’t please everyone. 😉

      But the casting for this show has been spot-on so far, so I’m also very optimistic. Bring on the next generation!

      • Same. I’m sure they’ll be great. If they’ve got DG’s stamp of approval, I’m not worried.

      • Judith

        Really, I thought the casting for Mary was poor – she should have been a bit more attractive, and not quite as self-deprecatingly mousy. Prince Charlie is growing on me, but I thought they could have cast better for that role.

        • D R Allen

          ?? We must be watching different shows, as in my eyes (a book reader since Outlander was released to paperback) she was cast PERFECTLY! Mary WAS a little mouse, a VERY young (both mentally and physically), innocent noble. In that era, noble girls were little more than property to be sold to the highest bidder.

          As for Prince Charles, he is being VERY accurately portrayed. Contrary to Scottish myth, he was an Italian fop. He was born in Rome (his mother was a Polish princess), raised in Rome, and educated like ANY other Catholic Italian royal. The actor CLOSELY resembles surviving portraits of the prince.

        • distachio

          I disagree. Mary was a terrified little mouse in the book, afraid of her own shadow!

          And Google pictures of Rosie Day. She’s gorgeous!

  • Carol_in_LongValley

    As long as the actors are believable in their roles, who cares about eye color, left handedness or absolute height. Although it will be interesting to see how Rankin’s lack of green eyes will be explained away.

    • Sirilicious

      I agree so much that i am not even interested in how they explain it away.

    • Barbara Haviland

      Well, seeing as how Geillis didn’t have green eyes and long white blond hair, I don’t really think it will even come up since he supposedly had her green eyes.

    • D R Allen

      Issues involving green eyes have ALREADY been dealt with, but it would be a MAJOR spoiler if I explained where/when it happened.

      You will get a VERY small hint in tonight’s episode (I’ve already seen it), but the FULL reveal is not likely to happen before the latter scenes of the season finale. :-O

  • lilyannerose

    Book purists are never happy.

    • Starshine

      True. The Game of Thrones book purists are rabid! I have read both Game of Thrones and Outlander and I don’t care who is cast in the TV series so long as they are wonderful actors. And both series have exceed my expectations.

  • Missy N

    I CANNOT wait to see Roger and Bree! Even though the actors are different than the books, I have total faith in Moore’s casting capabilities! Season Two has been a sweeping, wonderful drama – I only wish that Moore and co. had been more true to the books in flashing back and forth between 1960s and Claire in the past. It would have made the show even better and much more dramatic/ interesting.

  • Jeannie Dietsche

    I see what you mean about the curls and the 60’s but I remember many used to iron their hair straight, so I hope that when Brianna goes back her curls go with her.

    • alphadawg7

      Yes! My mom used to straighten her hair and then not wash it for a week to keep the style.