No ‘Outlander’ at 2016 San Diego Comic Con

Today it was announced that Outlander will not be making a presence at San Diego Comic Con 2016. The announcement was originally made by Diana Gabaldon when she told a fan in CompuServe “Outlander is NOT coming to San Diego Comic Con this year, btw, because everyone is otherwise engaged.” This statement was confirmed later on Twitter by Executive Producer, Maril Davis. Starz has yet to confirm or deny.

There are a few reasons for our beloved Outlander not to be present this year. The final episode of Season 2 will have just aired a few weeks before SDCC, and as of right now Season 3 hasn’t been announced as a go. Even if Season 3 was announced right this minute there wouldn’t be enough time for all of pre-production needs to get arranged and filming to have started to have anything to SHOW fans at SDCC, and that is the point of SDCC, promoting your new show or season.

For right now we are going to sit back, and enjoy the rest of Season 2, make sure to watch this week’s episode Saturday night at 9pm on Starz.

Sam Heughan SDCC

Caitriona Balfe SDCC



  • Carolee Luper

    Feeling bewildered about this, especially since no Season 3 announcement yet. But then why in the world would they cancel such a popular show? Perhaps too much money spent doing the “French” segments in Prague? I for one would have enjoyed less Paris, more Scotland episodes. Know it is important for the book but a lot of it has proven tedious.