Matt B Roberts Twitter Q&A: While Waiting On A Pizza

Matt B. Roberts decided while waiting on his pizza to be delivered he would take the opportunity to have a spontaneous 30 minute Q&A session on Twitter. The results are below (as well as what pizza toppings he ordered).  Enjoy!



Edit: Realized Maril Davis joined in the fun as well.


  • Glenn C Reimer

    Love the Easter egg on e-reader under the pizza box…

  • distachio

    Lol, the “really fake” beard!

    The beard looked too “maintained” for a man just released from an environment with no way to shave. To look real, there should also have been substantial hair on his upper cheeks and his neck as well.

  • Lori

    Matt Roberts is just such a delight. He is so kind to the fans and it is obvious that he truly cares about giving Diana’s books the treatment they deserve. The pictures Matt shares are always so lovely, too. He is funny and smart and clearly has good taste in pizza.