Go Behind the Scenes with Ronald D. Moore and Richard Kahan in Episode 205 (Video)

(If you have not seen episode 205, there are spoilers in this post.)

Outlander Season 2 2016

Executive producer Ronald D. Moore and writer Richard Kahan take us behind the scenes of the return of an old “friend” in episode 205, “Untimely Resurrection.”  Richard talks about the return of Black Jack and the ending scene between Claire and Jamie.  Bravo, Richard!!!

Source: Starz

  • Carolee Luper

    This really makes no sense, knowing Claire’s personality! Why would she want to hope that a “friend” would be happy with a jerk like BJR? She knows his cruelty and frightening personality and that is what she wants sweet little Mary to live with so she can bear Frank’s ancestor? The book handled all of this so much better and did not make Claire appear to be such an unkind person as to want Mary to suffer!