Murtagh in a Wig? “People Would Die,” Says Duncan Lacroix

In a rather humorous interview from Access Hollywood, Duncan Lacroix comments on his character’s, Murtagh, take on Paris.  Spoiler alert: He hates it.  Don’t try to put him in dandy clothes or a wig.  Can we please see more Duncan in interviews?

Source: Access Hollywood

  • Kate

    Interesting. I don’t think this has ever happened before, but I honestly have to say that I like Murtagh’s speaking voice better than Duncan’s. His is a lower register than Duncan’s, at least to my ear. And it doesn’t mean that I don’t respect him as an actor – I do, very much so! It’s just the whole voice thing is throwing me off!

    • Shari

      LOL What throws me off is that he is smiling. Murtagh’s glower is missing. I loved Murtagh in episode two. He provided some of my favorite moments.

  • Shari

    There was a lot of unspoken communication in episode two, most of which made me smile or laugh out loud. The look Murtagh gave Claire when she appeared in the red dress, and Jamie’s little shove. Murtagh’s expression when Jamie was forced to introduce Claire to his old flame Annalise. His expression when Jamie flicked his kilt up with his sword to suggest he was his knees before appearing at court. Loved episdoe 2!!