Caitriona Balfe: “Outlander has become our lives.”

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It is without any doubt that Caitriona Balfe has dedicated the few years of her life to Outlander.  It takes a long time to film all the episodes.  In an interview with Canada’s Hello Magazine, Caitriona discusses the impact on her life and season two of Outlander.

In many ways Outlander has become our lives. It’s pretty much all consuming but it’s fantastic,” gushed leading lady Caitriona Balfe during a recent chat in Toronto.

“It was such a wonderful experience last year. And then when it came out there was just such a great reaction to the show,” she tells us, adding, “You hope that the original fans [of the books] will love what you do and we’re very grateful that they sort of transferred their love to our show.”

Source: Hello

  • Jacqueline Rice

    I’ve thought of that recently; how Outlander is all-consuming for those working on it. I know Caitriona did the George Clooney movie in her ‘off’ time but Sam’s movie with Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) doesn’t look like it’s in the works anymore. Wish I could see both of them in other roles but understand the time commitment of Outlander.

  • Erik Price

    The one thing I love is that many of the actors are getting other work in the “off-season” which helps them grow. My fear it that many of the actors will be defined by the series (which in my eyes, is not at all that bad) and get type casted after the series runs its course. Which could impact them getting work when the series runs its’ course.