• Suzanne Seguin

    Sam Heughan is so hot as Jamie Fraser OMG! My favorite creation of a character. This book is wonderful.

  • aussiesuzie

    Couldn’t imagine anyone else playing JAMMF,Sam is doing a brilliant job,so happy finally see it on TV,Thanks STARZ!Now conformation please for season 3.

  • Lyne Montour

    He came from my imagination! Couldn’t imagine anyone else playing Jamie Fraser now, he IS Jamie… Hope to see him more and more!

  • Shari

    Sam is the most humble, accommodating, and appealing actor to come around in a long time. He is extremely talented, which doesn’t hurt, but I could very happily just look at him and listen to his voice indefinitely and never tire of it or him. He is the reason I watched season 1, read all 8 books multiple times, and am counting the days until season 2 begins.