Sam Heughan talks Outlander with Gold Derby

On a Friday that is known as “Black Friday” here in the United States we had a little gold gifted to us this year. Sam Heughan who plays Jamie Fraser on STARZ Outlander sat down to an interview with Gold Derby. They discussed a few topics from Season 1 such as what Sam thought was the most significant change Jamie went through during season 1, and how he attempted to convey Jamie’s “softer”, well rounded side to play off of Caitriona Balfe’s strong portrayal and character of Claire.

We also get to hear what Sam thinks about winning the Gold Derby award, of the accolades coming from the enthusiastic fans, his friendships with Catrionia Balfe and Tobias Menzies, and his first thoughts on accepting the role as Jamie Fraser and working with Ron D Moore.

Watch the interview to hear what Sam is most looking forward to with Jamie and Claire becoming “middle aged”, hint: It involves Caitriona, wrinkles, and a…walking stick?”


  • Shari

    Love Sam and his sense of humor. It is so interesting to see the similarities in personality between Jamie and Sam and also the differences. He is a fantastic actor that brings to life this much beloved character. Thank you, Sam!

  • aussiesuzie

    Yes Sam’s performance is soooooo good he is JAMMF personifyd,& really we should not expect any more fr any actor as that is all they owe us,but of course being fans we all disect everything about them as he is just so hard on the eye,liked the interview.Sam is witty,gracious & very good at giving elusive answers.Looking forward season2!