Caitriona Balfe Answers ‘Outlander’ Fans’ Questions (Video)

Caitriona Balfe Fan Video

Starz released a new video today in which Caitriona Balfe answers some Outlander fans’ questions that were asked via Twitter.  I love Caitriona’s sense of humor.  And as a bonus, we get to see her in costume as Claire in season two.

Source: Starz



  • Barbara Jo Price

    I am seriously and truly disapointed in the Golden Globe committy..if not for Sam Heughan’a performance, Tobias and Caitriona wouldn’t
    have been able to feed off him and his outstanding performance. Shame on you.
    Barbara Jo Price


  • Nancy Hess

    I am disappointed that Sam did not get a nomination as well but Caitriona and Tobias are very talented in their own right and didn’t feed off of Sam’s talent. You make it sound like they are nothing without him. The three of them together are very talented and work together well. They are a team. They are all equally talented.

  • Barbara Jo Price

    Granted that they are a why wasn’the Sam nominated…?..