Two New Official Photos from ‘Outlander’ Season Two

Happy Thanksgiving, Outlander fans!  Starz has treated us to two new official photos from the second season of Outlander.  It is from a dinner scene, but who do we see in it (no, seriously, help me out)?

Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe)

Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan)

Compte St. Germain (Stanley Weber)

Actress Gaia Weiss whose part has not been announced

I am going to assume this is a dinner at the Fraser’s house in Paris due to the fact that Jamie and Claire are at the heads of the table.

These are the only official photos of the main characters that have been released since July.

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Source: Outlander on Facebook and Twitter

  • Sherry Riley

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall during this dinner! Thanks to Starz and Maril for allowing us a peek into season two! Please let April come soon!!

  • Tania

    Beautiful! Still can’t understand why Outlander didn’t win any awards; with costumes and sets like that… mind boggling!

    • distachio

      This next one may be their year. I know Terry Dresbach said that’s what she hopes!

      • Tania

        One can only hope. Surely they can only ignore it for so long…

  • Rebecca Weir

    On the left hand side of the picture you can see a grey wig (just below Jamie) which makes me think that it is the Duke of Sandringham which (attempting not to give too much away here) makes me think that this is the very scandalous dinner party.

    • emd04

      ahhh, yes! That is a very familiar and distinctive wig!

  • von

    Cast & Ron were not joking when they said how very different this second series would look. Everything looks so rich and the costumes are truly a work of art.
    If this is Jared’s house though, it certainly looks larger and more richly furnished than I remember from the book.
    Jamie(Sam) has a very cheeky look here. Wonder if it’s Claire’s dress he is looking at?
    I am so looking forward to this next series and each time we get a glimpse of what to expect I become even more aware of how long we have to wait still.
    If we get Voyager next (I’m praying we do) then I hope they will not make us wait so long for that one.

    • Tania

      Based on where most everybody else is looking, I dare say that it’s the Duke (I agree that it looks like his wig) that Jamie has reserved that look for and not Claire. I too am chomping at the bit for the arrival of the next series and have everything crossed that they are able to film every book including Lord John’s.

  • Lalou

    Little mistake : in France, hosts sit in the middle of the table face to face. The picture shows a English seating placement. But let’s consider that the Frasers gave English dinners…

    • distachio

      Interesting bit of info! Thank you.

  • von

    Yes you are probably right Tania but Jamie does have a habit of looking to the side when he’s said something or looked at Claire in a certain way. The camera may have caught him after doing so. But he is as you state, looking towards the Duke, if that is him.
    I also agree the costumes should have won some awards by now. The research alone and the care taken to use authentic materials and craft in the making of them is to be greatly appreciated. Lets hope sooner or later the powers that be acknowledge this.

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