More ‘Outlander’ Season Two Photos Focused on French Dining

Season Two Instagram Dining

Starz has released a couple more photos from season two of Outlander.  One photo is a picture of food, a photo of the silverware, and the other is of servants setting a table.  I spy the work of Lisa Heathcote.

Prepare yer households for the holiday season. #OutlandishAppetite

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Prepare yer households for the holiday season. #OutlandishAppetite

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  • Carolee Luper

    Oh, it looks just like my house set up for American Thanksgiving! ( NOT REALLY! ) Cannot wait to see Jamie and Claire in this scene after they have so often lived ïn the “rough” in Scotland!

  • floredai

    I love the cornucopia decoration for the crown roast. The level of attention given to such details is astonishing. We already knew that from the costumes, but it’s lovely that it encompasses every aspect of daily life.

  • MontanaRed

    I like the detail of the beeswax candles being the right color… Dunno if they are real beeswax, but they do look like dipped candles (speaking as one who has done that).