Sam and Tobias Filming ‘Outlander’ in Pollok Country Park, Glasgow

**Spoiler Alert: If you do not want to know any plot details for the second season, it would be best to avoid this post.**

We shared photos yesterday of extras for Outlander standing around in costume in Pollok Coutntry Park, Glasgow, Scotland.  Today, more photos of filming were released, this time of two of our main actors.  Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) and Tobias Menzies (Black Jack Randall) are in the midst of fight/duel.  If you have read Dragonfly in Amber, then you can probably guess what part of the book this is from.  Below are selected photos, but head over to Scotland Now for more.

My inner fangirl is loving Sam Heughan’s hair pulled back with ribbon.  And we get a great look at Terry Dresbach’s costumes again.


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Source: Scotland Now, Photos by Eric Kay

  • Artsygrl69

    I love the costuming by Terry. Even the men’s costumes are beautiful.

  • Stacy Brunner

    Forget the man bun. The ribbon is where it’s at!

  • Diane Williams

    Nice to see Jamie in a position where he can fight back. Up until now, he has been a victim.

  • Missy N

    I love this site, but to the point about the spoilers: The spoiler is in the title… The name of the actor is the spoiler.

    • alphadawg7

      Not so much, especially with the use of flashbacks in Season One. Just giving the name does not necessarily lend itself to a present tense scene.

      • Missy N

        Fair enough. I take your point. I hadn’t thought of that.


  • gina

    In the book didn’t Jamie cut all his hair off short before the big duel? I’m not into his stringy hair in his face.

  • von

    Yes he did cut his hair in the book but perhaps for practical reasons for Sam, Ron decided to use the ribbon tie instead. I actually love Jamie’s look here.
    The way Claire behaved after the duels’ outcome was the one time I found myself really disliking her. I felt she had asked the impossible of Jamie beforehand & she never did enough to find out why he had fought Randal or why Jamie had not come to see her at the Hospital.
    She knew him well enough to know he would not go back on his promise to her without very good reason. So many times he put his own life on the line for her, surely it would have occurred to her that something terrible was keeping him from her as he would not have abandoned her. He usually dealt with all serious problems by facing up to them.
    He could have been killed as a result of the duel but she acted as though the loss that followed was hers alone and Jamie’s fate was only given a brief moment of thought. She seemed to wallow far too long in her own self pity which I found took away my sympathy for her situation as a result.
    I hope Ron deals with this part of the story in Jamie’s favour.

    • Gina C

      Jamie is so much more developed as a character than Claire. She wants things her way all the time and puts jamie in danger all the time. That should be remedied in the series.

      • von

        I agree completely. We know Claire is a strong character but so his Jamie; yet he is always willing to forgive her whatever she does. Claire on the other hand seems to be blinkered sometimes to all the pain & hurt Jamie suffers just because of his love for her. Expecting him to jump through hoops to be forgiven his lapses.
        I do like Claire when we see her softer side more but it does seem to be less often than I’d like.