Diana Gabaldon Comments on the End of Her ‘Outlander’ Series

Diana Meets Sam and Cait

In a small interview that was published close to two weeks ago, author Diana Gabaldon answered a question about how the Outlander series will end.  Usually she says knows how it will end, that final scene in her mind already, but has not spilled much information other than that.  We know Sam Heughan, Maril Davis, and Ronald D. Moore are privy to the details.

Here is what she cryptically said:

I think the Outlander books will end in about 1800 in Scotland. If this tells you anything, more power to you. The last book will have a happy ending, although I confidently expect it to leave the readers in floods of tears anyway.

I, for one, do not want to know until I am reading it for myself, and who knows which book (nine, ten, …?) will close the story of Jamie and Claire.

Source: The Press and Journal

  • Sheila Kruze

    It will break my heart when It’s over……….

  • CyberGram

    Mine, too Sheila!

    • Katharina Ledic-Lucas

      Mine as well shiela. Here’s hoping that the series ends with a bang. Opps did not mean that litterafly. Lol

  • Kara Stone

    They can’t live forever.

    • Sherry Nunn

      No but because Claire is from the future and knows a great deal more about health than most they can live a longer life than the average person of that time

      • DrBlueFrogPhD

        Yes, and given that she and Brianna and Roger (and probably the kids as much as possible after they went back) have certain immunities thanks to vaccines, but they aren’t immortal. For example, they’re not immune to cancer or TB or the flu to name a few diseases that are frequently fatal, even today. Then you have environmental & other factors that can cause death (not the least of which is the Revolutionary War – during which a majority of the battles during the later years took place in the southern states).

        But, like Diana said, it’ll be a happy ending (though, she thinks the end of book 1 is a “happy ending” too, and it is, but the reader & the characters have to endure a pretty horrific series of events to get there so I question her version of “happy” sometimes LOL).

    • stopbeingdelulu

      how old are they in the latest book ?
      i’ve read somewhere, that they are already in their 60s.
      but if the tv show continues, they would have to change the actors or use alooooooot of make-up to make them look older.

      • emd04

        Jamie is 58, and Claire is older than him, so she’s in her 60s?

  • Merry Miller Moon

    Well, when we saw her in KY in April, she said ‘there quite possibly could be a book ten and eleven!’, to which we all cheered like the good fangirls we are! 🙂 However it ends, it will end beautifully.

    • emd04

      I think there would almost have to be a book 10, if she holds to the 1800 thing, because of where we are in the time line. Her books cover a LOT of years, but, with the exception of voyager, it’s not decades at a time?

  • ScottishLassie

    Yes Claire knows a lot of future medical knowledge but doesn’t always have the the medicine or instruments for specific deceases why she sent her own Granddaughter back to the future who had a heart defect that could be fixed in the 20th century but not the 18th century. Remember neither Claire or Jamie are immortal. I hope the story does not end in death myself.,,,,I think there are other ways to end it without such a tragic ending. Plus Diana says it will be happy. 🙂

  • Randi Miller

    I started reading the series 10 or so years ago… I think I read through book 4 and stopped because I didn’t know there were any more… The one night last summer my mom told me about a tv series she was watching and what all was taking place and I was like “OMG… I read the books and so should you!” I have since been to the book store a 100 times and I can’t believe how many books are out that deal with Jamie… I am SO IN LOVE!!!

    • wendymusgrave

      Exactly. .. so in love. Very powerful.

  • wendymusgrave

    Please…never end

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  • emd04

    She actually said this a long time ago–I forget where. Maybe in the original Outlander Companion? Or on the website?
    (SPOILERS for the books……)

    Book 9 ends with Benedict Arnold just about to turn traitor in the Revolutionary War–so we’ve got a lot of Revolutionary War left to go. Like, at least 20+ years. But it’s important to remember that, even with Claire being a doctor, she and Jamie are getting older. They’re grandparents several times over. Jamie is close to 60, and Claire is older than that. So I imagine that they’ll probably die of natural causes. At least, that’s what I hope!

    • emd04, book 9 is in the process of being written. You thinking of the end of book 8. I bet the ending will have something to do with the ghost in book/episode 1. Not prepared for the end yet, but hope I get to read/see the story’s finale before it’s my time to bite the dust. If not, I’ll have to stick around and haunt someone who has STARZ…

      • emd04

        Ha! Thanks!
        I think it does have something to do with that. I’m going to peruse her site and see if I can find the things.

      • emd04

        OK from Diana’s website re: Ghost:

        Who is the ghost in OUTLANDER? (SPOILER)

        The ghost is Jamie–but as for how it fits into the story, All Will Be Explained–in the last book.

  • Kathie larsyn

    i just want to live long enough for one or two ( ! ) more books!!!! that actually haunts me…i started reading the series when outander came out, and i wasn’t young then! what is up with jamie’s ghost in book 1, and for goodness sakes, how can it be a happy ending? won’t jamie be dead?!?!? and/or claire???? sigh….

    • Kate/Kili

      Possibly, but with the show putting so much emphasis on Culloden, I wonder if Geillis’s theory may have something to it – of Jamie’s family eventually ruling Scotland. Then again, I’ve only gotten through Voyager, so those thoughts may change.

  • Doris Hayner

    Somewhere I read her having said that the Epilogue “came to her” about 15 yrs ago. So she knows how it ends but getting there may take more than book 9.

  • Dot

    I always thought that Jamie’s and Claire’s love is eternal, as in the couple dies, but their love is renewed when 1945 rolls around again and Claire falls through the stones again, to begin their adventure again. I also pictured Jamie or Claire, or both, planting the forget-me-nots by the stones, so Claire is sure to be intrigued and forget-Jamie-not, at least subconsciously. Jamie’s ghost is anxious to renew their relationship again, so he’s drawn to Inverness on a day when “ghosts are freeed to roam free and do as they wish” to spy on Claire as she brushes her recalcitrant hair that symbolizes her untamed spirit, which he so loves. Their love is beyond time and earthly constraints. Just my two cents.

  • Kathie larsyn

    just re-read this discussion….i’ll never live long enough for diana to write two more books…..they take so long, which is fine, but dang…. if it takes two to end it, well, i wish i knew how jamie’s ghost is in the future……