Starz’s ‘Outlander’ Submissions for Emmy Awards Nominations

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We heard directly from Starz today in regards to what categories Outlander may end up in when nominations for the Emmy Awards are announced.  These are NOT the Emmy Awards nominations, but simply what catergories Starz submitted Outlander to be considered for.  FYI, nomination voting begins on June 15, nominations are announced live July 16, and voting ends August 28.  The Primetime Emmy Awards are on September 20 and the Creative Arts Awards are on September 12.  The public cannot vote on nominations!  Curious about who can vote for the awards?  Click here.

OUTLANDER 2015 Emmy Categories

* Outstanding Drama Series

* Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Period Program (One Hour or More)
o Jon Gary Steele, Gina Cromwell, Dave Arrowsmith (petitioning to add Nicki McCallum) – Episode 103 – “The Way Out”

* Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series
o Suzanne M. Smith

* Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series
o Neville Kidd – Episode 103 – “The Way Out”
o David Higgs – Episode 101 – “Sassenach”
o Denis Crossan – Episode 106 – “The Garrison Commander”

* Outstanding Costumes for a Period/Fantasy Series, Limited Series or Movie
o Terry Dresbach, Elle Wilson, Nadine Powell, Anna Lau – Episode 107 – “The Wedding”

* Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series
o John Dahl – Episode 101 – “Sassenach”
o Brian Kelly – Episode 106 – “The Garrison Commander”
o Anna Foerster – Episode 116 – “To Ransom a Man’s Soul”
o Richard Clark – Episode 109 – “The Reckoning”
o Mike Barker – Episode 111 – “The Devil’s Mark”
o Metin Huseyin – Episode 114 – “The Search”

* Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series
o Michael O’Halloran – Episode 116 – “To Ransom a Man’s Soul”

* Outstanding Hairstyling for a Single-Camera Series
o Ann McEwan, Julie Kendrick – Episode 107 – “The Wedding”

* Outstanding Main Title Design
o Michael O’Halloran, Ronald D. Moore, Maril Davis

* Outstanding Music Composition for a Series
o Bear McCreary – Episode 101 – “Sassenach”

* Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
o Sam Heughan

* Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
o Caitriona Balfe

* Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
o Tobias Menzies, Graham McTavish

* Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
o Lotte Verbeek

* Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series
o Vince Balunas, Jeff Brunello, Daniel Colman, Sam Lewis, Miriam Cole, Matt Manselle, Michael Baber, Rick Partlow, Brian Straub – Episode 111 – “The Devil’s Mark”

* Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series (One Hour)
o Brian Milliken, Nello Torri, Alan Decker – Episode 116 – “To Ransom a Man’s Soul”

* Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role
o Jonathan Privett, Hayden Jones, Scott Taylor, Mark Pascoe, Simone Coco, Max Dennison, Louise Hussey – Episode 102 – “Castle Leoch”

* Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Drama Series, Limited Series or Movie
o Steve Dent

* Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series
o Ira Steven Behr – Episode 106 – “The Garrison Commander”
o Anne Kenney – Episode 107 – “The Wedding”
o Matthew B. Roberts – Episode 109 – “The Reckoning”
o Toni Graphia – Episode 111 – “The Devil’s Mark”
o Ronald D. Moore & Ira Steven Behr – Episode 116 – “To Ransom a Man’s Soul”

Source: Starz

  • ann

    I was wondering how you would be submitting Sam and Tobias. Can you really categorize Tobias as a supporting role and not a lead? Is his role considered to be one over the other or is it for portraying dual roles?

    • sixela872

      Tobias plays two roles that are supporting characters. Despite all the attention he’s getting – all deserving – and the expanded nature of both of his roles, he’s not playing the lead male character in this series. Sam/Jamie is the lead in this series – despite his sometimes limited role this season. Glad they got that right.

      • Christine Pincince

        yes! more Jamie please!

  • gotrr

    The director of “The Wedding” should be nominated too. That was an excellent episode.

    • sixela872

      Anna Forster directed the wedding, and they have her in there for ep 116. I agree – she has a beautiful touch. So glad she wasn’t overlooked. I just hope we actually get all the nominations. The show has done a tremendous job from top to bottom.

      • gotrr

        Yes, I am very pleased by the quality of the Outlander episodes. And in general, I don’t mind the story changes made. Most of the changes were very entertaining. The only story change that I feel the producers screwed up was the ending. The moment in the spring when she tells Jamie she’s pregnant is cathartic, sweet and moving. They should have kept Gabaldon’s original ending.

        • Christine Pincince

          Dianna said it was a time thing. my opinion they could have slipped the whole timing thing back in the over long song and dance episode and saved at least 15 mins and cut the ends differently of the other episodes to add the cave scene. i would guess it also had to do with expense as i can see it would have been hard to find or build the location. anyway Jamie sure looked cute in the pirate hat…

          • Peggy Ullman Bell

            The grotto scene would have been a logistic nightmare. They were right to cut it.

          • Trackles

            Ron has said he had to veto the hot springs scene right from the start, the cost and logistics of building a water tank not to mention filming it made it impossible, but they did look into it. I think they have done well keeping the sense of danger and urgency in the episode by shortening the time frame but a sex/love scene at the end would have been too soon for Jamie and made light of his torment. He was only just starting to recover. It’s all very well for us to sit here in our lounge rooms saying “they should have done this” or “they should have done that” but there are 101 different things to take into account when filming an episode of television that, unless we were Prime Time TV producers, we can never fully appreciate. Every one of the above deserve nominations and wins, I know you will agree. Oh and Christine, it isn’t a pirate hat, it’s a tricorn, which was the usual hat worn in that era.

          • Christine Pincince

            actually Trackles I knew that about the hat i was being light is all. one may argue that he has been known to be a bit of a pirate! ;-] of course the cave would have been very very difficult and expensive and totally understandable that it would have to nixed. i was thinking more of the time spent in the healing process and them being in France already and the scene where his hand is unbandaged by him and he cries with gratitude that it wasn’t cut off and that in my opinion was proof he was healing because he began to care again. maybe since his hand was still bandaged perhaps they will still do that who knows. my comment was only that in my humble opinion i felt the chapters could have been cut up a little differently so the last few were not so rushed into one show. the writer had quite the challenge and so did the director. i do understand why they did it that way because the rape would be the most dramatic and from a commercial point of view would need to be the big send off. i didn’t miss the sex part. to me the confession of the wanting and finale hugging said it all perfectly.

  • Judith McParland

    No one else has to agree with my opinion, but after watching the series from the beginning, each episode more than once, I think the entire cast are wonderful, but as good a villain as Black Jack is, I sense an actor behind the words and the facial expressions, a very good actor, but an actor all the same. With Jamie, however, I see, hear and feel a young clansman from 1743 has stepped out of his life onto a film set and is portraying himself in the structure of the scenes he has been included in. Sam Heughan is Jamie Fraser. I do not see an actor, I see Jamie. He deserves whatever recognition his industry and his peers see fit to reward him. He is awesome.

    • sixela872

      Thank you. I agree 100%. Sam fully embodies Jamie at all levels. Of all the actors he is the only one who has become the image I see when I reread the books. His work ethic and dedication to this character are outstanding. I’m glad to see DG touting his talent so prominently. I hope others, and the Emmy voters, recognize his talent as well. He seems to be overshadowed by more spectacle-based performances.

      • Christine Pincince

        also mr moore has said he really likes tobias and intends next season to see a lot more of him. in the book he is talked about in flash back and for me personally any moment on screen that is taken up by him (no offense intended) is a moment that Sam is not seen. sorry ..not to take away from him but i really think Sam is best at what he does and when he is on screen no matter what he is doing I am mesmerized and when “Frank” or Black Jack (except interacting with Jamie of course) is there i am just waiting till it is done hoping it isn’t too long and when i rewatch i kinda fast forward to the good parts. I guess I am a Sam fangirl…

    • Marie Rosato

      thank you Judith those are my feelings exactly. Many people connected to the show have said it and even Diana said it Sam is Jamie Fraser .His performance is simply Brilliant .

      • Judith McParland

        Thanks Marie and sixela872 as well. I don’t usually respond to per-formers as I have to Sam Heughan, but he has touched something in me that makes me glad that I can still respond to. I look forward to each and every episode just to see how far this young man can take the depiction of his character. I have enjoyed the books and now as I re-read them I can picture Jamie Fraser, his blue eyes, his smile, the deep voice saying “Claire”, and what better pleasure can there be than having a favorite fictional character come alive.

  • gotrr

    All of the performances of the Outland cast have been stellar and Tobias Menzies seems to be getting a bunch of attention. But, I want to give Graham McTavish an endorsement for his performance as Dougal. I didn’t really like the writing of the “drunk” scene as it doesn’t seem to fit with the character, but Graham pulled it off beautifully. His performance as Dougal has been spot on. I imagined that the actor who played Dougal would over do the character because the war chief is so larger than life. But, Graham’s performance is strong and multi-layered…who would’ve thought Dougal could get so emotional over Geilis…and his lusting over Claire was clearly deep.

    • Klasko

      I personally liked Graham’s performance in The Gathering at the death of Geordie.

      • Christine Pincince

        I agree totally. it was thoughtful honest and subtle and you also saw a dawning respect and admiration for Clare in his eyes. well done indeed. he is very talented

    • Christine Pincince

      I agree i thought it wasn’t his acting ,which was flawless, that was the jolting part, but the scripting that was off in my book. it seems disingenuous or something and rather far out of character .. it took me right out of the story which for a fan like me that is hard to do.

  • Sunshineyness

    It would be really joyous if Outlander got Emmy recognition. Too bad for politics…

  • Sirilicious

    I don’t understand why they put up both Tobias and Graham, but then fail to add Laura Donelly to Lotte’s supporting female lead.

    • gotrr

      Agreed. Laura Donelly was superb as Jenny!

  • Sandy Blazek

    This show should not only be nominated for any number of Emmy’s but it should be a clean sweep. Here’s praying that what they are due comes
    to fruition !

    • Christine Pincince


  • Aspire34

    I believe all the main characters Sam, Caltronia, Tobias and Grahman should definitely gets nominations along with the writers and directors! Love the show and they deserve acknowledgement for their work!